Believing These 5 Myths About Organizing Keeps You From Growing

I never would have thought that 2 lamps, 2 end tables, 2 chairs and a room clean-up would change what I was able to create in the world.

But holy shit.

Lemme back up and tell you some of the backstory.

I recently got back from a trip to Paris.

While I was in Paris, people kept asking me about the new house.

(I have a new house.)

(And I was at a class.  Where people who've never met me but see my social media, were.)

And I kept hearing coming out of my mouth the words and the energy of, "Meh, it's ok."

Which is actually ridiculous, because this house is anything but Meh.

However, it IS big.  And we did move into it with very little furniture.  And it turns out the heat has been broken, which means it's been cold.

For Christel, this is a Grade A combo for high-energy "Meh" comments.

So, I started hearing myself, and one day really started asking myself "what it would take"  to make it feel FUN to live here.

And I realized two things:

1.  I was missing...

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Have you always known?

There's been something I've known my whole life.

I didn't know that I knew it.

I saw it in lilacs.

I smelled it in the air.

I saw it when I stared at the sun on my purple mountain majesty.

When I got older, I felt it when the lone piano would start to play a song that caused the whole congregation to sway.

And in all of my cells as the 200 people around me burst into the same song.

I perceived it in the way the stranger came up beside us, opened up his car door to rescue our young, American bodies from the Chinese throng when we were so obviously scared and lost.

I saw it in the drawings of Brian Andreas.

And in the words of Anita Moorjani.

I found it again in Eat, Pray, Love, and kept following Elizabeth Gilbert as her words painted my internal pictures.

I tripped over it again in the freed words of Rob Bell.

And then I forgot about them.

Until the day I went to an Energetic Synthesis of Being class with Dain Heer.

Every five minutes I was in tears as I recognized everything I'd...

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Why Donald Trump in Office is like a Zombie Apocalypse & What to Do About It

I saw clip on Facebook yesterday of a guy getting pulled out of his car and beaten on by like 6 teenage kids because he voted for Trump.

Now, I don’t know how they found out he voted for Trump. It all seemed a little random. But I watched as a few beat on him and he tried to get away, and then more jumped in while the others were filming.

It was like the beating beget more beating and fueled more beating.

It was weird for me to watch because that’s so far from my world. And also weird because I’m not necessarily against beating.

Let’s be honest: sometimes it’s required. We all know people that need a good beating.

But it was the energy that they were being.

And I just knew what I would have done if I was there.

That shit would have stopped.

I would have pulled out my energetic shotgun, grabbed whichever people around me I knew would help me stop it, and run into the fray. Not because the guy that voted for Trump was right and the people beating on him...

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My first of 6 business secrets: do it all. And stress less while doing it.

I LOVE driving fast.  I always have.  

I'm a weaver.  I get super impatient at slow drivers, and if I'm honest, I drive more like a cab driver than I ever admit out loud.

I was a waitress for over 20 years.

I was terrible when it was slow.  I would forget things, and people.  

But when we were slammed out of our brains, with people crawling everywhere, I was the best server in town.  And on the nights when I was willing to get into the groove with what was going on, it was like everything slowed into slow motion, and there was just... flow.

So, here's what I learned about myself in business -- I do business better fast, with more on the go.

Hence, the first in my series of 6 rebel business secrets:  do it all.

If it matches the energy, choose it.

Don't focus.  Or narrow it down.

Broaden 'it'.  Add.  Choose more of what's fun for you.

I know we're taught that doing more is overwhelming.  Puts us out of whack and out of...

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What everybody ought to know about being you

I spent so much of my life trying to be cool enough, or hot enough, or put together enough to get what I wanted, or what I thought I wanted in relationships.

It turns out I only needed to be more of.... all of.... me.

But I really had no idea how to do that before Access Consciousness.

I remember sitting at the desk I was working at, saying out loud: There HAS to be a way to be happy without having to see a professional 3 times a week.

Three times a week.

That's how many appointments I needed with someone to just stay even keel.

To not want to cry myself to sleep.

Or fight with my husband.

Or want to kill everyone in sight from the stress of it all.

I was on suppliments, meditation, journaling, nutrition, working out, and it was helping some, but just some.

Until Access.  And the tools.  And me using them like a fiend to get my life to finally work for me.

So, here's what I think everyone should know about being you: 

  1. It's not hard.  It just feels hard...
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5 Tips to Diffuse Any Argument: I was a guest blogger!

I was a guest blogger on the Access Consciousness blog recently, because, well, I had a lot of say on this topic!  :D

What if your life wasn't just a pain in the ass - but could be the source of learning every tool you need?

Here's an amazing blog, in case not having arguments would be more fun for you, too.

xo, ~C


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The top 3 tools you can use when you don’t feel like using any tools

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2016

There are days when I’m all over being happy. Choosing it. Using the tools that bring more of that energy into my life.

And then there are days like today.
Grey outside.
Grey-blue inside.

Sure… did something change today? Yea.

I sat down and talked to my roommate about it and realized that I really was trying to make it more significant than it really was.

Something was what it was. And now it is what it is. And the future is brighter and lighter, and possibilities are greater.

And then as I was getting ready, listening to music, my body started to cry.

I thought about how it got better. I wondered briefly who it belonged to. And then I realized I just needed to dive right into it and let it, and me, be.

Here’s my top three tools for when you don’t want any stinkin’ tools. And the theme being: sweet beautiful you, don’t judge yourself.

Here’s how.

Tool #1: As you realize that you would rather wear a huge sweater, a ball cap and headphones...

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Just Be Loved

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2016

I walked out of my condo today, earbuds in and swelled up with gratitude and   of it all. 

I used to play in the worship band at my very cool, movie-theatre church. 

And lately that energy and desire to be in it and create more of it in the world has been taking me over. 

I've been blaring the Modern Worship channel on Google Play Music like it's oxygen. 

And so with "just be loved" playing deep into my ears and the tears rising in my eyes, I realized that this was what I wanted to tell you today. 

That right in the fray and chaos of everything changing... right in the middle of the unknown and the uncomfort of everything you are that you have no idea how to be yet...

...that you are still surrounded. 

As I was standing at the elevator feeling this flash of "I'm so alone," I instantly asked who it belonged to... and got this sweeping sense of all of it. Not mine. And totally present. 



"Just be loved", playing in my ears, I...

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Thought Life Was Supposed To Be Fair.

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2016

I thought life was supposed to be fair. :)

But no one else in the world listened to what I thought it should be.

They kept just being what they were being with no thought at all to what I thought should be.

And so what I learned is that it doesn't matter what is going on.... 

-- things changing suddenly.
-- you feeling blindsided.
-- you feeling victimized in some way.

You - I - always have choice.

We both get to choose whether or not we react.
If we react, we get to choose what level of tantrum we throw.

We can really over do it -- state how unfair everything is.
Feel powerless.
Run over.

Or we can choose something different.


I am, NOT today, where I've always been.

I've, for most of it, felt victimized by my whole life.
Everything everyone else chose swayed and buffeted me.

I was angry. Sad. Frustrated. And felt like I couldn't do anything about it.

This "choosing something different" has not always been easy for me.

But I got SO sick of being upset all the time.

And so,...

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Day 6 of Financial Awareness (from my bed)

awareness finance money Sep 07, 2016

Financial awareness was supposed to be about getting my receipts in order.

But as I was changing my shirt today, and looking down at the receipts on my floor, I suddenly got that they are actually the smallest piece.

Every day that me and Melanie and Stephanie get together, we open up and look at areas of our life that I had no idea were even related.

What we'd like to create as our future.
The systems we can put in place to support that future.
The people we can add to free us up to create it.

The way of functioning in the world that is us not just playing a role on TV - but being everything that we are in totality.

It's crazy. And amazing :)

Who or what could you add to your life today that would begin to actualize a totally different future right away?

xo, ~C

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