E45 Where IS the start beyond the stop?


Can I be honest with you? People say the weirdest things. Like this one: "I just keep stopping myself! Help me figure out what my problem is!" No. No! You do not have a problem. You are powerful beyond measure. You just need to ch.... PS. Your reasons are the only thing keeping you from succeeding. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What Do You Like To Create? I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. Access Consciousness is a broad set of tools and techniques to change anything in your life, and I am one of about 600 Certified Facilitators around the world who facilitate with them. To get more information about Access: https://www.accessconsciounsess.com If you like my channel, please subscribe! https://goo.gl/P8cWu5 If you'd like to connect more, you can find me bunches of places! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/christeljoyc... TWITTER: https://twitter.com/beingisthepoint INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/christelcra... LINKEDIN: ...

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S2 E44 My Fave Tools for creating money for foundation class!

What is Foundation?

What will it do for you?

How will it change your business?

Why go??!

I have a chat with you about using my fave tools for creating money for foundation class and whats stopping you and how you can also choose to do it anyway!

Click here to see my upcoming Live classes 

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S02 E43 - What if you were in the business of business?


It's officially business-time over here at Christel Crawford CF. 

This next month, we're rolling out a 5-day business challenge, a 7-month business program, a VIP coaching program and a 3 call series with Alba Molteni and I about Global Business in English and Spanish.


And on this end, you may have noticed it's something I'm always creating and expanding.

It's kind of my favorite thing.

Is your business a hobby, or something you're always generating and creating?  And what would you have to be willing to institute so that it could grow?



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S02 E42 - What are you making real that may not be?! 🤨

Wow. What a weekend. I spent the entire weekend in a network marketing conference with about 1500 people.

And the entire thing was created to train us, and hopefully, excite us enough to start building!!

But what I noticed, that I'm pretty sure no one else saw, is that most everyone walked out of that room heavy.

You could look through the room and see that 'raising people's level of belief' didn't do anything for changing what they'd made so much more real about themselves.

Most of us have made it real that we can't. We've totally cut off awareness of what's right about us and powerful about us. So, we avoid, judge ourselves, go into conflict, angst...

And we get to be abused by ourselves and other people, non-stop!!

DANG! Haha!


P.S. You can join Making The Real Unreal call here

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S02 E41 - Seasons. Cycles. Trusting You Through The Changes.

What we are really - both you and I - are brave adventurers exploring whatever 'beyond this reality' is.

And I don't know about you, but sometimes I have what feels like LONG periods of time where I'm changing intensely.

Like, lifetimes worth of concrete paradigms just floating away leaving everything in a new space of generation & creation of....... ????

Something new.

I have to trust myself fiercely during these times.

I can't verbalize much.

Programs and classes 'seem' to stall.

But someone once told me about winter wheat: a grain crop that you plant at what seems like exactly the wrong time of year and also seems dead until the moment it pops out of the ground when it shouldn't.

I wonder if we're more like that?

Hugging you,


P.S.  If you'd also like to play with a new challenge this week, a new one is dropping in The Awareness Challenge Group right after that!  Come play

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S02 E40 - HEY! What is actualization and how do I do it?!

We are always showing things up. (Don't ask me about this week and everything I showed up. And I promise not to talk about it. )

Are you actualizing what you say you'd like to have?

Or are other things showing up?

"Every choice creates and every creation brings something into actualization. What choices are you making? What actualization are you choosing? What would it be like if you were willing to be the source for greater possibility?"



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the true possibility of pain

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2019

He looked straight into my eyes, with tears in his everything, and told me what she had done to him.

His mother, the one who was supposed to be his safe place, had not been.  And 50 years later, it was still the thing that defined him.

It was the 'why' of his Instagram.  The reason for his alcoholism.  And the thing he 'shared' with me so that I could understand him. 

He thought.

The thing is that I have really changed something fundamental about myself that makes someone 'sharing' this with me a very different experience for them.

Emotional pain was my constant companion until not that long ago.

My story about my pain (sexual abuse, emotional abuse) was just something that was.  It defined me, shaped me, created the filters through which I saw the world.

I had accepted it.  I lived with it, as it, and just.... dealt with it.

Access Consciousness was the first place where I was introduced to looking at it and questioning it.

It had never occurred to me...

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Are problems more real than the choices you have to create something different?

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019
Your point of view creates your reality.
Dain said it. I love it.
But I think I may love it because I know I can just swap one point of view out for a point of view that just works better.
Now, I can't always achieve the swap 'just like that'.
Sometimes I need to unravel big galumped yarn-piles of unconsciousness to get to the space where I can get to another choice.
But for the most part, if I see something that I'm not a fan of in my life, I go looking for two things:
-- the point of view creating it
-- what I can choose that's different
I used to put all of my attention on and creative energy into 'the problem'.  Money has always been an area where the problems just seemed more real.  (And I do mean, seemed!)
It turns out, it wasn't more real than me, but because I hadn't had ANY other information in my world to tell me different, I went with feelings!
The thing is, lately, I find...
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S02 E33 - What IS life worth living? How do I get there?

What is life worth living and how the hell do you get there? 

I had a session today with a very cool entrepreneur and she is brilliant at what she does. (Are you brilliant at what you do?)

At the moment there is no contribution with money in her life and she is tired and bored in her business. Money follows joy and when you are bored and tired, guess what shows up?

Listen this weeks episode above about joy, boredom and money.



P.S. What more awareness? Join our amazing Awareness Challenge.

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S02 E32 - The one thing refuse to choose that will make you more money than God

It's just so classic.

The one thing we won't choose to choose is the one thing that will make money easier. What would it take to choose it?



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