It's better to follow your own path, however imperfectly.

Let's talk about getting your work out in the world.

And about being an artist.

Because you do have work.

And you are an artist.

The problem comes in how you see yourself.

And how willing you are...

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A genius is the one most like himself.

That quote above is Thelonius Monk.

Genius jazz artist. But I digress.

Thank you for yesterday.

(If you missed it, read it here.)

I have more clarity about where I'm going. Where we're going.


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Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand.

Long read ahead. Grab a coffee.


I need to speak something to you.

I've been wrangling with it, conflicted about it, saying it but not saying it - but now is the time. And it's simple. But...

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