It's better to follow your own path, however imperfectly.

Let's talk about getting your work out in the world.

And about being an artist.

Because you do have work.

And you are an artist.

The problem comes in how you see yourself.

And how willing you are to put your work out into the world.

Seth Godin talks about how the pattern of our lives was set out a long time ago. It was a story that we said yes to. A thing that we used to know the bumpers of our life and what would ensure success and prizes.

As you and I both know, neither one of us does bumpers.

But the thing about living beyond bumpers is that we've now entered the world of our own invention. We've jumped outside of anyone else's invention and now we are in a world of our own.

We can move in that world, dabbling.

But what happens when the reward for the dabbling isn't.... enough?

Deep inside of us is a work we desire to do. It rarely has words and most times, gets overlooked. It doesn't feel like anything and is so easy for us that we live it.

It shows itself in the things we're drawn to, the actions we take, the way our mind works and the generosity we are with others.

But the work is there.

To get our work out into the world we have to first, agree to do it.

Doing it is not as mysterious as it sounds and it doesn't need answers. Doing it is instead the daily practice of creativity.

Because even though we know we have work, we don't know exactly what that work is. We need to explore it. We need to be bad.

"It is better to follow your own path, however imperfectly, than to follow someone else's perfectly." ~ The Bhagavad-Gita

Many of us grab onto someone else's work as our own. It's the closest expression and articulation of our work. We don't have to dig deep and sort it out ourselves.

That grabbing is not wrong or unhelpful. That person's work is a great gift and it is easy to duplicate and something we can use.

On top of that, creating our own work is in fact stealing like an artist, as there's nothing new under the sun. We know this. It stays easy to default to someone else's good idea and not risk having our own.

But deep down inside, we crave. We starve. We wither.

We need ourselves.

We need our work.

As healers, contributors, seekers of a new world, we have work. And most of us have work that looks like working with other people.

Working with other people has different inadequate labels. Facilitator. Coach. Healer. Mystic. Psychic.

But it doesn't matter what you call it: it's you, doing your art. Your work.

Coaching is an inadequate word. But the art of it is not.

Coaching requires people to know that you do it. And enough of a framework that they can come to you and pay you.

For them to know that you do it, you have to know that you do it. And after you know that you do it, you have to put your art - what you're coaching about - into the world with links attached so people can pay you.

But it starts with a practice.

A daily practice of taking steps to both put a framework in place, but also put your unique perspective out into the world.

To do very bad work until the good work emerges.

To get... creative.

I will be taking 10 people on a 30 day journey. 10 people who finally want to commit and get their coaching work out into the world.

One task a day. One sharing a day.

A 30 day willing exploration of the practice. A daily choice to put the pieces in place for our work to be in the world.

"See the pattern, find your practice, and you can begin to live the process of making magic. Your magic. The magic we need right now." ~Seth Godin

What is your work? Your magic?

And is now the time to get it in the world?

I'm here at [email protected] if you want to be one of them.

Let's get that magic out. đź’‹

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