S02 E43 - What if you were in the business of business?


It's officially business-time over here at Christel Crawford CF. 

This next month, we're rolling out a 5-day business challenge, a 7-month business program, a VIP coaching program and a 3 call series with Alba Molteni and I about Global Business in English and Spanish.


And on this end, you may have noticed it's something I'm always creating and expanding.

It's kind of my favorite thing.

Is your business a hobby, or something you're always generating and creating?  And what would you have to be willing to institute so that it could grow?



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the more I give away the more I make

business Feb 11, 2018

It was early when I opened her email this morning.

I recognized her email address from a comment that I'd received on my YouTube video the other day.  She was - is - a beautiful creator.  

Hi Christel!

I'm new to you, but have been enjoying some of your YouTube videos over the last couple of days.  One of those videos are your business accelerator.

Anyway, I wonder what your thought is related to offering too much free information out in the world - you do SoundCloud, a radio show, FB videos, youtube videos and so on - so that you're giving it all away and therefore not attracting people to sign up, because they're filled with all the free information offered?

I smiled when I read it and then answered with one line: 

The more I give away, the more I make.

Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be.

The more I do business my way the more I get how weird it is.  How weird I am. How...

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How to set up a successful internet service-based business.

business Jan 21, 2018


My dad had one room in our house that was his.  And it had a lock on it. 

In that room was his computer.

We weren't an outside family.  Or at least, the four of us older ones weren't. 

All of us - my dad, mom, me and my brother would keep ourselves busy indoors.  I took every opportunity I could to cuddle up in a corner somewhere and bury my nose and world in a book.  My mom would take care of kids, teach piano lessons and run errands. And he would lock himself in his computer room.

The lock made that room the one room I wanted to be in more than anything.

When the door was open, I'd watch him work. 

He coded things.  I have no idea in what language.  The coding wasn't that interesting to me.  What was interesting to me was the feel and sound of those keys.  And the idea that you could create stuff out of them.

He had a few games on there that he would let me and my brother play.  The one with the paddle and the ball...

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you can’t create a million dollars like me

business Jan 16, 2018

I am always looking at different online programs to add to what I'm creating online.  To educate myself.  Etc.

And today, I had this Facebook Messenger interview with a lady who runs a program, who says they can help me double my profits and half the effort.


I look at a lot of these programs. I've even purchased some of them!

And so at this point, they have to have a different kind of energy to them for me to choose them, and this one did.

Everything was going spaciously until she started to ask me questions.

HER: So the first question I have for you is pretty straightforward. What's going on in your business that made it important for you to take the time to chat with me today? What’s so broken and in need of fixing that it couldn’t wait?

Egads.  I could see the agenda from a million miles away.

Really??  We were doing this? 

I just couldn’t.

ME: Ahhh. Well, in truth - it’s not broken. I love my business. AND,...

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How the f*ck do you build a business when there is no "how"?

business Jan 15, 2017

Ok, so this blog is about business.  But maybe I should be calling it the un-business blog.

You may have seen my Facebook rant the other day....  if you didn't, here you go.  

I have really been taking my life apart.  Piece by piece I've been looking at it. 

Why is that number on my monthly list of "must have" moneys?  Why do I want it?  What does it give me?

Why am I in business for myself, anyway?  Maybe I should just go work for someone else who's created something already.  Easier, eh?  Paycheck vs. hustle.

Well, and that's where it all started to break apart in an awesome way.

It kind of all started with this demand of myself that my business really skyrocket this year.  Create income beyond anything I'd created before.

And so, like any good person looking for the answer to the "how", I bought into some classes that promised to show me.  The how.

You might guess how that went.

First of all, I hate being told what to...

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Believing These 5 Myths About Organizing Keeps You From Growing

I never would have thought that 2 lamps, 2 end tables, 2 chairs and a room clean-up would change what I was able to create in the world.

But holy shit.

Lemme back up and tell you some of the backstory.

I recently got back from a trip to Paris.

While I was in Paris, people kept asking me about the new house.

(I have a new house.)

(And I was at a class.  Where people who've never met me but see my social media, were.)

And I kept hearing coming out of my mouth the words and the energy of, "Meh, it's ok."

Which is actually ridiculous, because this house is anything but Meh.

However, it IS big.  And we did move into it with very little furniture.  And it turns out the heat has been broken, which means it's been cold.

For Christel, this is a Grade A combo for high-energy "Meh" comments.

So, I started hearing myself, and one day really started asking myself "what it would take"  to make it feel FUN to live here.

And I realized two things:

1.  I was missing...

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My first of 6 business secrets: do it all. And stress less while doing it.

I LOVE driving fast.  I always have.  

I'm a weaver.  I get super impatient at slow drivers, and if I'm honest, I drive more like a cab driver than I ever admit out loud.

I was a waitress for over 20 years.

I was terrible when it was slow.  I would forget things, and people.  

But when we were slammed out of our brains, with people crawling everywhere, I was the best server in town.  And on the nights when I was willing to get into the groove with what was going on, it was like everything slowed into slow motion, and there was just... flow.

So, here's what I learned about myself in business -- I do business better fast, with more on the go.

Hence, the first in my series of 6 rebel business secrets:  do it all.

If it matches the energy, choose it.

Don't focus.  Or narrow it down.

Broaden 'it'.  Add.  Choose more of what's fun for you.

I know we're taught that doing more is overwhelming.  Puts us out of whack and out of...

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