Biz is hard... or is it?

Are you distracting yourself from the business you would truly like to have?

Business is a distractor implant. That's right. Its very design is intended to trap you.
If you find yourself trapped and you're not sure how you got there, you're not alone! Most of the world is functioning from being distracted by business rather than being about the business of inventing a different possibility in the world.
What are you doing business from? The absolute fun of it? Or something else?
In our monthly membership call for  Salon de la Consciousness, (which is a study series where we take a deep dive in a book and study it for 3 months), we just wrapped up our study of Living beyond Distraction. This is a book by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer in which they talk about the 24 distractor implants we all tend to function from. In this blog we will focus on the distractor implant of business.
Distractor implants don't have a beneficial purpose, you can't figure them out, you can't solve them. When you can't get off the hamster wheel or are stuck in an infinity loop with thinking, you are in a distractor implant.
This is what Gary Douglas (the Founder of Access Consciousness) says in chapter 6 of Living beyond Distraction:

"If something isn't working in your business it's because you're stuck in a distractor implant." 

There are 24 Distractor Implants in total:

  • Anger, rage, fury and hate.
  • Blame, shame, regret and guilt.
  • Addictive, compulsive, obsessive, perverted points of view.
  • Love, sex, jealousy and peace.
  • Life, living, death and reality.
  • Fear, doubt, business and relationship.
If something isn't working in your business, it's because you're stuck in a distractor implant. So what can you do about it?
  1. Look at everything that isn't working in your business and ask, truth am I functioning from a distractor implant here? Go through the whole list of 24 of them and ask if this is what is going on in your business. If you get a yes, you can destroy and uncreate (poc and pod) all the distractor implants that are holding that in place. You can go to the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement for more information on this powerful tool.
  2. What would you like to create your business as?
  3. How would you like it to be created?
  4. What would be generative and creative?
  5. What would be more fun than this?

When you start your business, the initial thrill and excitement carries you through and gets things rolling in the first phase. Everything is new and exciting! This is a short-lived energy, unlike the enthusiasm of living-energy. After the first phase of creating your business the excitement changes and the business becomes its own life force energy, and you have to engage with it in a different way.

(For more on the business as its own energy/entity you are welcome to come to my upcoming Talk To The Entities Class on July 29 - Aug 1)

A lot of you think that when the excitement is gone it is no longer doing what you set out to do and that you lost communication with your business. This is not true! It is just that we are not taught any skills after that point, so we often give up and quit or we get frustrated and go into conclusions. Here is some information that will help you.

Gary Douglas recently gave us a little cycle of actions that is very simple and very helpful:
Start - change - stop. When you engage in that cycle you always have another choice. What can I start? What can I change? What can I stop? This will help you to keep things going in your business. Whenever you are not sure what to do next, or you find yourself distracted, you can use this tool.

There will be choices you have to make in your business that are not necessarily the most sexy and exciting ones, but they are required in order for your business to grow in the way that it can. Not everything in your business is always going to FEEL wonderful.

This can include setting up business finances and different banking systems so you are supported when you move countries for example. Or setting up taxation and bookkeeping systems, all the systems really that you need to institute with regard to your business finances.

Choices like setting up systems tend to take a lot of time. We don't always feel like doing them. What if you make choices based on realizing they might not be the sexiest choices, but they will make your future greater if you choose them? What will my life be like in 5 years if I choose this? What will my life be like in 5 years if I don't? If you function from questions instead of from feelings, you will always create a greater future for yourself. 


  • Am I doing business as hard? Is this my reality?
  • Is it hard or something else?

What if what you are going through isn't hard, but just very intense? There will be phases like that in your business and in your life. You're changing a lot. you are making a lot of different choices, the world around you is changing and shifting. It won't always feel good, but all of life can come to you with Ease, Joy and Glory. This is the mantra of Access Consciousness.

Are you doing your business from feelings? I don't feel like it! I don't want to! This is not really what I prefer. It would be more fun to do this. 

Or are you doing business from the point of view: what would make this fun and what choice can I make that would create a greater now and a greater future?

When you start to function from that, you start to function from choice. When you start to function from choice you are out of the distractor implant universe and you're into what's actually going to create and institute your reality.


Distractor implants lead to contractive judgments and conflict:

Distractor implants are designed to get you to go into what is CONTRACTIVE and to step away from what is generative and creative. Look at your business and notice if there is any energy that contracts. If you are making yourself smaller you are in a distractor implant and you will have to choose differently.

Are you keeping yourself in a CONFLICT in your business? There is conflict when 2 opposing points of view exist at the same time. You use all your energy to keep these opposing points of view in existence, in order to have a conflict. This is a distractor implant of business. Sometimes we need to stay in a conflict for a while. And that is ok until we are ready to choose something else.

When you are in a conflict in your business, the person that gets squashed in between the 2 points of view is you! Like a no-choice situation that is impossible to solve.

YOU CAN ASK: If you were including all of you in the creation of your business, what could you choose? What could you create? What have you decided is unchangeable that is actually changeable? What have you decided you can't do that you actually can? What could you stop? What could you change? What could you start? If you were including yourself in all of that, where could you begin and start to institute something different right away?

There are 24 distractor implants (from the book Living beyond Distraction). There are 6 groups of 4 distractor implants that are grouped together. In this blog, we are focussing on Business. The group business belongs to is fear, doubt, business and relationship.
FEAR, DOUBT, BUSINESS and RELATIONSHIP are all designed to keep you in a place where you never choose what you would really like to have. Isn't it interesting that these 4 are grouped together?
  • When you say you are afraid, are you really afraid or are you unwilling to choose what you'd really like to have?
  • When you say you doubt yourself, do you really doubt yourself or is it that you are unwilling to choose what you would really like to have?
  • When you say I would, but my business, is that true or are you unwilling to choose what you would really like to have?
  • With relationships, are you distracting yourself with relationships or choosing what you would really like to have?

You are distracting yourself from having what you truly desire in your life. That is huge! That is a big research project! Finding out what you really desire to have in your life. That is not a quick fix and usually, we discover what we truly desire by bumping into what we do not want!

Gary Douglas (the Founder of Access Consciousness) in the book Living Beyond Distraction says:

"Most of you are not willing to have what you should have in your life. So how often do you do business from a place that works sort of, but not totally? It's not easy, there is always a problem in it. What would it be like if you dealt with business and money from ease and not from problems?"

When you create your business and your money flows from the point of view of survival you always have problems! That is innate with choosing survival. Is this really how you want to live? Could you make a different choice, to allow ease into your business and into your life? Ask yourself how much ease you are willing to have.


Are you creating your business and money from ease?

If this is a no for you, you start asking these questions to change that:

  • What else is possible?
  • What does it actually take to generate and create ease? From ease? As ease?
  • If I were having ease and total peace with money, what would I choose?
  • If I were having ease and total peace with my business, what would I choose?
  • What would I have to institute to have ease?
  • Am I including myself in my business? Am I the source in my business?
  • If I don't have ease working with the people who create in my business, what can I change about how I am functioning so that the people who work in my business can add ease to me and my business? 
  • What can I start to have ease? What can I change to have ease? What can I stop to have ease?
  • What would it take to be WILLING to choose ease?

So is it time for you to close your backdoor on survival? Do you still have back doors you rely on when it comes to your business? Is it time to stop functioning from the point of view that if all else fails, if this business fails, if my idea flops I can at least survive?

In order to succeed you have to GIVE UP SURVIVAL as a point of view. It can no longer be your back door, your way out!

What if the point of view you choose from now on, is creating and generating your business with EASE?

The beautiful thing is that when you start to choose ease, the universe will support you. Which will allow you to start creating a different future for yourself. Right away!


My personal tips to create change in your business to what you'd really like to have:

  1. Look at what isn't working. If this wasn't a problem but a creative challenge, what could you change here?
  2. Demand of yourself that you generate and create a different future. What do you want to have as your future and what could you choose now to have that?
  3. Institute what is required to have the future you'd like to have.
  4. Stay engaged in the true cycle of creation: Start - Change - Stop.

The moment you go into judgment you disengage and are in the distractor implant of business. Destroy and uncreate that judgment (Check out the video explaining the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement). Then get present with the cycle of creation: Wat can you start?  What can you change? What can you stop?

Then choose, choose and choose again. When you stay engaged in that cycle of creation you will always move things forward for yourself. You will always move your business forward. It becomes a constant forward movement of action that cannot fail. Unless you quit of course!



Sidebar: some little TRUTH BOMBS:

Moving countries can also be a business choice!

To start your Bars business, tell people you are doing bars and put your hands on as many heads as you can find. Ask people if they know somebody who would be interested?

Where can I start with this? This is a great business question!

Be interested in people and wait for an opening to tell them about Bars or any business.

You can only fail if you don't start, or if you quit before you succeed.

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