The Tools I'm Using to Expand My Business Dynamically!

I have spent a TON of money on business courses teaching me the 'right' way I'm supposed to market and sell.

Recognize yourself?

It was the moment when I realized that I'm different that I got access to my true power.

It's not super mysterious and it's pretty damn simple to implement. But it's a way of being in business that most don't choose.

Today, I'll let you in on the tools I'm personally using to expand my business like crazy.


What's the primary energy you're creating from?

We all create from and as something different. I've had many different phases and energies I've tried on and created from.

But now, the primary energy I function from with everything in and around my business is:

  1. I am the SOURCE here so what is next?
  2. If I were the source of a million-dollar or greater business, what would I choose and what would I be aware of?
  3. What is possible, beyond what I have already chosen?

The thing to get if you're just starting

You have no idea what you're doing. None of us do.

We're all in there just playing with the different pieces of the puzzle & bashing around to cultivate more awareness.  And that's a gift.

Choice creates awareness.

So, keep going. 

Consider that there are different phases or seasons to your business.

Now that I'm 5 years in, I'm more relaxed than I was when I first started. I have a knowing of how I "work" and have created the finances to support it. Money is no longer the motiving energy I create from, and I have planted enough seeds that there is always something new to harvest. So I am at the stage of: What is beyond this? Who else can I reach? 

But when you're first starting, you do a lot of planting and instituting of things that will allow people to find you. You are nurturing and bio-energetically feeding a lot of people.

Make sure you take a minute to acknowledge everything you're planting. Stuff's happening. You're magic. Relax and keep going.

What does it take to continually stimulate your creative edge?

Personally, I use QUESTIONS.

Questions open up the space for the every molecule in the universe to contribute to you. They give you access to everything you are that you have no cognitive information about, and thankfully, don't require.

And here's why:

Business doesn't create from what you think it should, it creates from what you are.

So, there are few pragmatics to being all of you in business.


Look at how things are working. How are they working? What IS working? What isn't? Take stock!

And then, ask yourself: If I was the source, what would I be aware of?

Other questions you could use:

  • If I was leading this into a million-dollar business, what would I be aware of?
  • What is it that would be fun for me to create? 
  • What does it cost for me to live the way I'd like to, and what revenue can I generate to have that?

    (Tune into the podcast to hear the trick I use when I'm stuck!) 

My go-to tools for business

Destroy and uncreate -

Who I was yesterday, what my business was yesterday, and my relationship with money; Right, wrong, good, bad,  poc, pod,all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds. (This is the Access Clearing Statement.)

You are never who you were in the last millisecond, much more yesterday. So, when you go to create as that, it doesn't work!

Destroying and uncreating who you were yesterday gives you access to a clean slate to create from and as; it gives you the space to invent and be.


Where is my attention required today? Where can I put my energy to create a greater result?

It took me a while to really get that I am an energetic being and create from there. Meaning, when you make a to-do list and function from that alone, you negate everything you're aware of and how you could contribute that might require much less effort.

If you put your energy into something, will that actually create more than you doing anything?

What if you played with more energy and less doing?

What can I choose to outcreate myself today?

This reality teaches business from force and push. What if you are the only one you can actually compete with? Would it be more fun to simply outcreate yourself instead of anything else you're trying to do?

What can I begin to ask for that could show up?

(Tune into the podcast to hear my never fail trick that I use to get more 1:1 clients!)


This may sound counter intuitive but in order to receive, you need to chill.

My most recent life-session in relaxation was moving countries: it forced me to BE more since I was working less. My income doubled and my workload halved. I've realized that if I go into the force, panic or control energy, I destroy what is possible.

Instead, I sit down, get present and widen my focus: What is really required here? 


What can I choose that is the energy of what I would like my life to be?

Living and business are intertwined. There is no actual separation. So, what you would like your life to be like is super relevant to how your business will actualize.

  1. Get clear on what you would like to create as living. (Check this out for more!)
  2. Start looking at what kind of revenue streams you have available.

Exercises for generating revenue stream ideas:

  1. What are 100 things you could do right now to create cash if you were going to be homeless tomorrow?
  2. List all the different services, classes, and possible revenue streams. E.g. if you are a Bars® Facilitator, you can create Bars classes for new people, repeat people, offer bars sessions, create 1-on-1 classes, or create different intros. 
  3. Look at how many people would you need in a Bars® Class  (keeping the same example) every month to have the amount you'd like to have. 

Like me, you might have grand notions of what you would like to create and an endless number of things you'd like to contribute to and facilitate. But what if people are not asking for that?

If you don't include what you know and what you want your life to be like, you will exclude it!

Tune into this episode of the podcast to hear more!


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