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The Christel Crawford Show

The Christel Crawford Show

Hosted by: Christel Crawford

HAVE YOU JOINED?? ✨ https://www.infinitebeingschool.com ✨ What if your life could be as great as you always hoped it could be but never seemed able to achieve? Access Consciousness® is a weird, wild, wacky body of...

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Ep 168: Things that work (in relationship & life.) And things that don't.

2 more days to go - APPLY HERE! http://bit.ly/3FA6aBM In 2 days, 3 people start a 10 week private intensive with me on their relationship reality. (1 spot left!) I LOVE seeing change here, and if you want more ease, I...
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Ep 167: Unpacking the need for reactive realities with your significant other. 🥸

Yep, I said significant. Because, baby, if you're reacting, guess what you have a need for with everything? S i g n i f i c a n c e. From one significant-queen to another: haiiiiiiiiii. Let's change this, shall we? 🤣...
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Unpacking the need for reactive realities with your FAMILY

Unpacking the need for reactive realities with your FAMILY. Yep, I said it. You react because (insert mega-long list here). But what if you had no need to? YOU GUYS: The change is HERE. 🎉 ONE CLEARING CALL WITH ME,...
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Ep 165: Unpacking the need for reactive realities with your mom. No, my mom!

Unpacking the need for reactive realities with your mom. No, my mom! Ok, just moms. 😂 I mean, we all have one, so what would it be like to create a reality beyond reaction with her? If you need more, the change is...
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Ep 164: How much of your life is choice?

"How many of you have witnessed either yourself or somebody else destroying the relationship or creating huge amounts of separation in the relationship by being in reaction and just witnessing the catastrophe of...
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Ep 163: Upsetting the balance: The key to all growth!

If you've ever been on a Bosu ball, you know what I'm talking about when I say that the key to ALL growth is upsetting the balance. Taking ourselves actively out of our comfort zone is the key to everything getting...
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Ep 162: ENERGY PULL: How to use what you don't want to create awareness about what you do.

I got a text about my mom 5 days ago, and another one 2 days ago. 😅 Instead of spinning me out, it contributed SO much to showing me what I didn't want as my life which bloomed into an immense clarity of what I DO. I...
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Ep 161: What would you like your life to look like?

""What would I like my life to look like?" This is the way you can know what to choose in your life without trying to figure out the next step." ~ Gary Douglas Let's dive into this deep-ass conversation, you guys, and...
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Ep 160: A Live Energy Pull with Piano

Will you tune in and allow the music, the conversation, and the energy pull to contribute to you? What is Beauty for you? What is Joy for you? What would it take to be willing to see all the Beauty, the magic, the...
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Ep 159: Are you wishing someone would rescue you?

Where's my knight in shining armour, gdmit? 😁 What if YOU are the knight? 🥸 Are you willing to choose to be that for you? 😃
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Ep 158: Live Recap: What if your money worked for you instead of you working for your money?

"Money is never the problem in our lives," says Gary Douglas. "It's about what we're willing to receive. And what we're willing to receive is just a choice." What are you choosing to receive? Are you choosing to have...
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Ep 157: Why am I hiding?

Why am I hiding? My year in conflict and what I'm choosing now. Oh - and what could YOU choose now? Find out all the backstory here! 😁 http://myhonestpodcast.com/
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