The Christel Crawford Show

The Christel Crawford Show

Hosted by: Christel Crawford

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What does it take to be congruent?

Season #4 Episode #32

If you've been adventuring with us in the 30x30, you've already been cultivating the sense of what you'd like your life to be! Yay, you! Now..... what does it take to deepen that congruence so that everything you ask...
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The business of thriving! My own personal 10 keys 😍 and a taste of 500K: A 6 Month Adventure.

Season #4 Episode #31

"Business will either be your own personal hell or the wild, untamed adventure of living. It will reveal you as the source of less or more at any given time. It will be either a distractor implant or a choice....
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Andres' story of change!

Season #4 Episode #30

Most of you know that Andres is my partner, but he's also a person, with a story - and a process. A year and a half ago, he had no knowledge of the Access tools. And 5 months ago, when it all started falling apart at...
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Discovering What You Want Your Life to Be

Season #4 Episode #29

We just finished a Foundation class yesterday, and everyone had SO many questions about creating your life. When you're psychic about what everyone else wants and needs, and you've primarily been living for that......
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My story of change

Season #4 Episode #28

I was standing at the bathroom sink, yesterday, tears of gratitude streaming down my face for how far I've come and what else continues to be possible. We all start somewhere. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
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Stuff it. Yell. Cry. What else is truly possible with anger?

Season #4 Episode #27

How do you handle anger? Stuff it? Scream it? Explode? Cry? Do you take a moment to acknowledge what you became aware of right before that occurred? Wonder about the possibility of the lies? Do you take a moment to...
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All things triggers! What's real? What's a distraction? What choices do you have?

Season #4 Episode #26

Do you know what triggers you? Are they real for you? Or are they just there to distract you? We explore what are distractions and what choices you might have to move beyond it. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
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The lost art of spirit work. What gifts more? Engaging or avoiding?

Season #4 Episode #25

Do you engage with the spirit world or avoid it? What exploration of the lost art of spirit work can you choose that would enrich your life beyond recognition? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What gift are you...
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Love, Sex, Jealousy, Peace. What's your definition? What's the other person's definition?

Season #4 Episode #24

Whew!! Valentine's Day was a mash-up of TOTAL gratitude and at the end of the day - total mess! Lol So, this morning, I got into the book Living Beyond Distraction to find out what else is possible. Join me for an...
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What do you love to do? (that you don't think you can get paid for?!)

Season #4 Episode #23

"There is something that you have as a talent and ability that is so easy for you that you assume you couldn't possibly get paid for doing it. You ignore and refuse the ability that will make you the most money....
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The Deliberate Practice of Consciousness

Season #4 Episode #22

When you have a hard time in your life, what is it you put your attention on? How to fix it? Where you're wrong? What must be wrong so that you can make it right? Is there a consciousness practice you could choose...
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What is your reality? And where do you find it?

Season #4 Episode #21

Here is a question: Would an infinite being have a reality? And if they did, where would they find it? Is your reality the fear, panic, apathy, "waiting", worry that so many are choosing? Or is it different? Can you...
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