Access Consciousness is a big body of wild, wacky tools
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A 3 call series that is 4 calls.

June 6  | June 13  |  June 20  |  June 27
You don't have to be a success to succeed.  Sometimes, the things you think you're doing wrong are the very gifts that will create the success you've not yet been willing to imagine.

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This website - this 'land' - is a place where you can find an Access class for that, a YouTube video for that, an Access-Christel tool for that: if your life could be working better somewhere, we (I) have something for it.

It's like the William's Sonoma for your life-kitchen.  Or the Home Depot for your life-house.  Or the life-mall you never want to leave.  

You've got a thing?  I've got a tool for that.

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Salt Lake City, Utah

an evening taster
Thursday, June 21, 2018

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A 6 month small group business platform lab.

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6 months of small group & one-on-one coaching with Christel to support you and exponentialize everything you're creating.

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Hey you.

I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, and you’ve stumbled upon what I hope is a universe of resources for you and your life.
Access is a big body of work and tools that are weird, wacky, and just simply work. 
 Access facilitators are some of the bravest people in the world, for their willingness to destroy and uncreate their past and begin to have, 'what else is possible?' as their future."
To facilitate means 'render easy' – to restore or bring back ... with ease.
A facilitator knows that you have all the answers to you and your life, though you may not have access to them. The answers you have locked away are what keep you from being aware of any other possibilities or creating something different.
Access Consciousness restores you to the awareness of greater possibilities and more choice, for you and the creation of your life.”
I am one of about 600 Certified facilitators around the world.
I facilitate some of the core live classes of Access Consciousness. You can check out the main Access website here.
I also create tons of my own classes on every area of life that I get YOU and I might want more change in, and the best way of staying connected to those is to jump onto my email list. 
My ‘job’ as a facilitator is to ‘render easy’, to empower you to know that you know.
It’s the only job I've ever loved.  What can I contribute to you today? 💋
Hugs, Christel

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