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Here, I do classes you can take. Online and live. With Access Consciousness tools. And me. 

I do a weekly show & podcast you can listen to.

I have a free Facebook group with a new tool every two weeks you can play with.

I do business, marketing and visability coaching.

All with the tools of Access Consciousness which are weird, wild, wacky - and work. Your life can start being different today.

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Starting August 6

What would it be like with what you say to engage everybody's molecules so they can't resist you?!
A 6-Part class to create the space for more people to say YES to your classes!  



Starting August 12

Christel Crawford, Ana Omanovič and Haris Omanovic are Access Certified Facilitators that travel the world to facilitate consciousness and possibilities. They also create a lifestyle that has nothing to do with anything we know with total Fun and Ease. What if you knew that your whole world could change with one choice?


Starting August 12

In English and En français.

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My name is Christel and I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, a business & money coach, and you’ve stumbled upon what I hope is a universe of resources for you and your life.
Access is a big body of work and tools that are weird, wacky, and just simply work. 
"To facilitate means 'render easy' – to restore or bring back ... with ease.
A facilitator knows that you have all the answers to you and your life, though you may not have access to them. The answers you have locked away are what keep you from being aware of any other possibilities or creating something different.
Access Consciousness restores you to the awareness of greater possibilities and more choice, for you and the creation of your life.”
I am one of about 660 Certified facilitators around the world.
I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than 'rendering easy' you getting to be more of you.
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Wanna challenge yourself to be all that you are?

In the Awareness Challenge group, we play with regular challenges that change your life.

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The Awareness Challenge: How aware are you?
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