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body corona virus immunity Mar 12, 2020

The reason people get diseases has nothing to do with the disease and everything to do with their point of view. 

~Gary Douglas


The world is freaking out about Corona Virus.

But this is where we get to shine.  Use this energy to create something different.

I've put together a clearing loop I'm running for myself, that I thought you might want.

And a PDF of the tools that I recommend ANYONE use to change their physiological reality with any disease and worldwide freakout.

Keep calm & use the tools.

Big love.


P.S. Download your tools here.

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I sprinkle this shit on everything

access basics Feb 15, 2020
One of my favorite things about Access is that they invite you to begin to choose. 
This sounds basic.
But it's the hardest most simple thing you'll ever encounter.
I remember being in big Access classes with Gary Douglas, on the receiving end of his favorite response to all things asked of him.
"Choose," he would say.
And you'd watch as the person (or you) in front of the microphone squirmed with the 'but how?!'
And it's true.  "How do I choose.." is the most common question we get as facilitators.
That used to stump me, because even I was looking for the 'how'.
But then I started to get it.
And now I'll quip, "Well, how do you stand up?"
"I'm trying to choose," is another great one.
To which now I'll cheerily respond, "Can you show me how you 'try' to stand up?"
It makes everyone grin, because when you put anything in those terms, it becomes very obvious that you...
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Have you always known things could be greater?

What would it be like to be deeply and truly happy?

To be grateful for all that you are?

To have access to total knowing, be you in totality, and to move elegantly through the world?

What would it be like to never struggle with money?

To create a life that just gets more fun and better all the time, and contributes to a greater future?

What if you embodied so much consciousness in everything you do that others chose to become more conscious as a result of you?

You are the source of creating everything that shows up in your life. The question is, what would you like to be the source of?

This 4-day class will invite you, incite you and empower you.

Welcome to Access Consciousness® The Foundation!!




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It's just another Interesting Point of View!

My mom called again today.

You can always feel in her world the secret agenda she has with everything.

For the 18000th time she asked for money while trying to appear that she wasn’t asking for money.

It was weird. It’s always been weird.

And for most of my life I’ve been pretty twisted up about it. I care about her. I’ve made me really wrong.

But I’m not mad about it anymore. In fact, I’m pretty amused and grateful most of the time.

And last night, after a quick conversion with someone who reminded me that she had other choices that she just didn’t want to make, I got so much lighter and called her back with the space of TOTAL interesting point of view.

This crazy tool is to be used for everything.

Every feeling.
Point of view.

You say **and be it** three times or until the charge on whatever the thing is, dissipates.

For as many times as you need to in an hour. A day. A week. A month. Your life.

But after...

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If you’re searching for something you have yet to find, don’t stop.

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2019


This photo was taken nine years ago today.

It got a lot of likes.

And I can see why.

But in this photo I was drunker than I’d ever been. At a picnic with the guy I left my husband for.

Realizing what a mistake I’d made.

Or thought I’d made.

I was searching HARD. For something I couldn’t see. That I kept trying to find in people.

It was two years later, after I’d gone back and worked really hard on making my marriage work that I was face first on the front lawn of our house, dying.

Planning on going upstairs, getting drunk and drowning peacefully.

And in the next moment, having just enough of a weird thought that I just... didn’t. And started on my journey here.

When I talk about the Access Consciousness tools it’s not because I’m just a raving fan for the sake of fan-girling.

It’s because these tools saved my life. My very existence on this planet.

And every single day that I deepen my presence with me via them, I become...

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the true possibility of pain

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2019

He looked straight into my eyes, with tears in his everything, and told me what she had done to him.

His mother, the one who was supposed to be his safe place, had not been.  And 50 years later, it was still the thing that defined him.

It was the 'why' of his Instagram.  The reason for his alcoholism.  And the thing he 'shared' with me so that I could understand him. 

He thought.

The thing is that I have really changed something fundamental about myself that makes someone 'sharing' this with me a very different experience for them.

Emotional pain was my constant companion until not that long ago.

My story about my pain (sexual abuse, emotional abuse) was just something that was.  It defined me, shaped me, created the filters through which I saw the world.

I had accepted it.  I lived with it, as it, and just.... dealt with it.

Access Consciousness was the first place where I was introduced to looking at it and questioning it.

It had never occurred to me...

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Are problems more real than the choices you have to create something different?

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019
Your point of view creates your reality.
Dain said it. I love it.
But I think I may love it because I know I can just swap one point of view out for a point of view that just works better.
Now, I can't always achieve the swap 'just like that'.
Sometimes I need to unravel big galumped yarn-piles of unconsciousness to get to the space where I can get to another choice.
But for the most part, if I see something that I'm not a fan of in my life, I go looking for two things:
-- the point of view creating it
-- what I can choose that's different
I used to put all of my attention on and creative energy into 'the problem'.  Money has always been an area where the problems just seemed more real.  (And I do mean, seemed!)
It turns out, it wasn't more real than me, but because I hadn't had ANY other information in my world to tell me different, I went with feelings!
The thing is, lately, I find...
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there was never anything more awkward

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2018
He kept telling me I was wonderful.
At a time when I "felt" particularly un-wonderful.
Less than wonderful.
And the next morning, when he said it again I looked over at him with my most intense
Fuck-ME-You're-the-stupidest-person-on-the-planet-go-DIE look.
He just sat there and grinned.
Like a fucking puppy.
He might as well have been wagging his tail and panting in my general direction
And I looked back over to the steering wheel and finally heard myself.
I wasn't willing to receive any of it, at ALL.
He was beaming at me and I was wishing him dead.
Thankfully, for the world , that month I was in the middle of about 4 live Access classes, and that morning, I got up to the microphone to ask about this 'wonderful' thing.
"Gary, I realized I haven't been receiving this at all!! How do...
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What choices could you make that would make your classes grow?

success Oct 22, 2018
I watched a new show on Netflix last night called Three Wives, One Husband.
I don't know what it is about those plural marriage shows, but they hook me like a train wreck and I can't look away.
And, this one really is different.
It's less side-show-oddity and more this-is-what-is-for-these-people.
It really warmed me.
The part that really struck me was everyone's acknowledgement that this way of living was a choice.
Women that were considering being a third wife in a family courted the entire family for months at a time. They looked at the choice they were making. Considered the futures it would create.
Widows who had told their dying husband that they would consider his brothers as first choices for next-husbands met with the already-families and wives and everyone together looked honestly at what it would change.
And the ones that were committed to it, were willing to succeed at it, no matter...
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PESJR's: or that time I destroyed my marriage

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2018
"There just isn't any emotional intimacy," I said, looking into the eyes of a deeply caring stranger in the garden centre where I worked.
Now this stranger and I had admittedly gotten into a very deep conversation over the tops of the shrubs - it wasn't my everyday conversation.  
But the words out of me couldn't have been truer for me at that moment.  I truly did have that point of view, and it was eating me up inside, and I was using it to destroy my marriage.
My second marriage was one fight, one tear-fest after another.
And while I can look back now and see EXACTLY what it was that created it, at the time, I was grasping at whatever straws I had and fighting for what I thought was right.
I always FELT wrong, but somewhere, somehow, I was sure that I was right. About the wrong.  Trying to be right.
It was fucked.
Right and wrong had just gotten me into difficulty after wrongness after rightness after...
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