Questions are fundamental to creative living.


Flow fundamentals are things you never leave home without.

Question is a key flow fundamental.

> What can I create today?

> What can I move forward today?

> What can I choose today to make more money right away?

Questions are an essential in the creator toolbox.

They stimulate ideas where there were none.

They instigate vision. Movements. Choices. More.

This morning, with 82 possible starts to the day, I ask: what's first?

Instantly, I know: I will write to you and speak to you about a flow fundamental.

To have flow, you have to master the fundamentals.

A flow fundamental is something that you learn. Practice. Remember.

You practice it to incorporate more of into your world.

Flow fundamentals are natural, but not common.

The are simple, but not taught.  They don't promote agendas; they empower.

They must be adopted at a deep, personal, inner level

Today, if you were going to practice the flow fundamental of question, how could you do it?

Have you tried this challenge?

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness® gave us one clearing to use 30 times a day for 30 days, and it's changing lives!! I've called it The Awareness Challenge, and ll you have to do to try it out is jump in.

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