This new practice takes leadership.

"This new practice takes leadership, a creative contribution - something that not just anyone can produce, something that might not work but that might be worth pursuing. It's often called "art."  ~Seth Godin

Leadership is romantic.

I love hearing about it and talking about it and being inspired by it.

But if you call yourself a 'leader' out in the world, it doesn't really translate as a service you provide.

Coach, on the other hand, people think they understand.

Can I tell you a secret?

I hate the word "coach".

My class, Get Your Coaching Out Into the World, every time I see the image, makes me want to hit somebody and do a happy dance.

I titled it, fuck's sake.

So, I thought I would dive deeper.

::: Googles "coach definition":::

Coach: an athletic instructor or trainer. A teacher.

Ah. A coaches whole job is to work with someone to perform at their peak. Ok.

So, when you are becoming a pro athlete, or an athlete of any kind, you need one of these. I will watch how you run and swim. I will work with you on drills to hone your body into the best version of itself. All so you can win at a competition.

And that's why it never works as a word for working with other people, and their life. Their business.

Life and business are not a competition.

They are the art of creating. They are creative living.

Creative living has no finish line. There is no best time. There is no winning.

There are new skills to learn. When you are learning new skills in anything, everything goes faster when you have someone to show you "how" to do it.

The skills are many.

The skill of visual expression with both with graphics and video.

The skill of putting together simple landing pages and links where people can pay.

The skill of building your email list so that you can reach your people.

The skill of nurturing your email list so that people feel connected to you.

The skill of making irresistible offers and people paying you money.

You develop into a fluent communicator on almost all mediums. You develop your ability to tell short stories and have longer conversations. You develop your writing skills and turn into a master copywriter. You get great at making offers and creating things that people pay you for.

You build all these skills as you go. You do get there. It is helpful to have coaching.

But after that is when you (and I) need a facilitator.

Facilitators empower. Facilitators lead.

And the thing is most of what's required to keep going in the art of business and living lives deep down inside.

Stretching with learning curves. Expanding with things that don't show up like you expect. Getting stronger with people who don't like you. Getting more grateful with people who do.

You need big, strong muscles.

Big leader muscles.

The muscles of choice.

The muscles of asking great questions.

The muscle of willingness.

The muscle of thinking on your feet and rapid innovation.

The muscle of financial systems.

The muscle of working with people (as you add a team).

So, you don't need a coach for that. You need you. And many times, you need a facilitator. A leader. One who is out in the world practicing their art. Facing the storms. Present and strong.

Facilitators empower. They ease the emerging of an ability, an awareness, a knowing, a capacity that was there all along.

So, to circle back around:

Coaching has a place.

I coach skills. I teach things that you need to learn to allow people to pay you. The 30 Day Set Up Sprint for Emerging Coaches is a coaching container. I will show you things. You will do those things. Those things are essential to people being able to pay you money for your facilitation.

But after that, I'm a facilitator. I lead. I empower.

And that's what I want you to look at.

Are you more of a coach? Or a facilitator?

If you facilitate change.... If you empower others... If by your presence and ability to question and work with people, people get more access to who they are... you are facilitating. Leading.

If you coach people in different kinds of skills and doing... you are teaching. That is also a form a leadership.

Now, are you willing to strengthen your leadership and form these into things people can pay you for?

Being a facilitator is not a skill everyone has. Being a coach is not an interest everyone has.

But you do.

And to invite people to pay you for it is simple.It is something you can choose. It is something you can allow to change your life and lead you out of your comfort zone.

It is rewarding. It is fulfilling. It is life-changing.

And that journey, that choice, is something I facilitate. And coach.

I can both show you the skills and ask you the questions that strengthen your muscles. Your creative life worth living.

Email me at [email protected] to get the conversation started. Or register for the upcoming call.

What would it create to add "get my coaching & facilitation out into the world" on your list of things to do?  😁

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