A genius is the one most like himself.

That quote above is Thelonius Monk.

Genius jazz artist. But I digress.

Thank you for yesterday.🥰

(If you missed it, read it here.)

I have more clarity about where I'm going. Where we're going.

The cliff notes version?

You being all of you, trusting yourself implicitly, and giving yourself permission to art all over your life.

We are building a community.

We are restoring our lost arts.


A community of people who have an interest in being around or engaging in the art of living. The art of building things. The art of being alive, being happy.

Of finding their inner artist and the inner permission needed to be that.

You, my friend, are a building block of that "community".

This space will become easy to invite your friends to. It will a space where you want to be and hang out and flourish and chit chat with your favorite people time and time again. It will be a space where you can learn you things and be filled up, empowered and inspired.

It will be a space where we can be together, and be alone. But where you're never actually alone and we've all got your back.

The world I want to live in is artist-friendly.

It's an inclusive art world, including art forms not previously considered art.


As an artist, you explore. You are distracted and inspired. Allowed to not finish. You are trustworthy by nature. The beautiful things that come out of you are beautiful because they're you.

As artists, we restore lost arts. The lost art of communication. The lost art of conversation. The lost art of caring. Relationship. Spirit abilities. Money magic. Serving. Receiving.

I'm curious about your lost art.

About what you are craving.

I know that we are the disruptors.

In a world where all we're encouraged to do is consume, we are rebelling.

Standing up in the middle of the noise and care-bear-staring our own color into the fray.

Your sound and your voice and your naturalness and who you are - is an essential color in our Skittles rainbow.

We already have a Telegram channel.

This morning, I recorded you a note.

>>> Let's start there.

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