Ep 225: Getting it right is a trap. Can you actually make a mistake?

Did I make a mistake? 🙈

You have a new choice in every 10 seconds.

Which means there's no such thing as a mistake.

To have a mistake you have to have a past and a judgment about it. You have to ruminate on it and feel things about it, and ALL of that takes you out of choosing forward.

(I'll talk about how I've been doing this!)

The truth is: if you were choosing forward, you'd never think about any other choice. You'd be so engaged in the current one.

This all comes from chapter 3 of the Ten Keys to Total Freedom.

Today, I forced myself to read it with new eyes.

I've been locking myself up for months now. I wanted to see if I could see how I've been doing it. And, what I could do to change it.

I read, hungrily.

And, after reading this morning, I wanted to have "infinite being". I committed to create that for myself.

That was interesting.

Because, it's what I want, not what others want. Because I do. Because I can. Because that's where ease lives, and where I get to be space and no-mind.

I have wanted that for as long as I've existed.

And, I was creating it for years.

But last year, I stopped.

I gave up on it because I couldn't see it being valuable to anyone else. After years of fighting for it, I sat down in the middle of the road and quit. I did what everyone else does and let other people's needs, requires and desires be at the forefront.

Which I have to tell you - killed me. Which is why you and I are here, now.

I am making new choices.

So, was giving up what I want - a mistake?

For more, go to: http://infinitebeingschool.com/


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