Ep 227: Getting unlocked. The key to getting out of the no-choice universe!

Structures are brutal.

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A quick story 👇

I hurt my knee over the weekend.

It was ouchy AF.

But I - was different.

I cried when I fell because sweet lord - have you ever subluxated your kneecap? It is NOT nice.

But inside I felt - peaceful.

This peace has been very different from the last time my kneecap fell to the side. The first time was in Panama and I was drunk and in a huge reaction. I'd hit Andres with a pillow, mad as hell, and twisted my knee.

And for the next year, my life was very different.

We were living at the beach and I couldn't go anywhere. I couldn't work out and I couldn't be happy. I punished myself. Created my own personal little living hell.

I made it very significant. I locked myself in a no-choice universe with everything.

Not my proudest set of choices.

Also, not my most profitable.

It might have been more honest for us to come back to North America after the first month. I knew almost immediately that this wasn't going to work for me. But instead, I stayed in the structure of what we had chosen. If I could get my shit together, we could make this work.

We stayed generally unhappy (with spurts of happiness) for almost 2 years.

Great, eh?

Today, I'm going live about form, structure and significance.

I've made different choices since then.

And even since last week.

I've committed to myself and the system of living that works for me.

And it turns out, that's all it takes.

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