Ep 224: Opening things up. The key to unlocking frustration 😃

When things are squishy and small and heavy and contracted...

How do you open things up? 😊

When you're frustrated that things aren't working...


Frustration. 😤

Do you know that conclusions are the source of all frustration?

This morning, sitting by the window, I opened up Chapter 2 in The Ten Keys to Total Freedom and was like: shit.


Haven't been using this tool at all.

You remember that scene in the Hunger Games? The Capitol has leveled District 8, which Katniss goes back to visit. It's a sea of ash and bones. Her mouth falls open with the sheer brutality.

That - is what I did to myself.

A sea of destruction on the inside of me from the number of conclusions I lived from.

I've lived frustrated.

And I can tell you why, but I already know that's not the relevant thing. The relevant thing is what they created and whether I want to keep doing that.

Frustration is a sign of power.

But it's power you're using against yourself.

And it doesn't allow for anything to change.

And here's the kicker:

You create things that don't work to keep your frustration.

I know.

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