Ep 229: Why do I need to be the best? This key will change self-worth forever.

Are you running an internal race you can't explain? 😩

To be the best? To get there?

To get it all right? To be perfect?

To not let anyone get ahead of you? To never be wrong?

But deep down - you feel less than? Not enough? Flawed? Lacking everything good?

Today's key has me by the short and curly's.

When I first read about No Competition, I ignored it completely. For five years, I knew it wasn't relevant for me.

And then, I read it again. It was so my thing that I had discarded it.

I'm getting more awareness all the time of what happened for me in the Latin part of the world. The moment I arrived and everything felt crazy.

One of the keys to freedom?

Don't compete.

There is no one that you can actually compare yourself to, so - be yourself. Enjoy yourself. Receive others. Have allowance.

All easy things to type.

Living them?

To not compete, you have to know that you have value. Know that you're a gift.

If you don't?

-- need to be right all the time
-- fight for your point of view
-- compare yourself to everyone
-- need to be the best and win at everything you do
-- need to not lose
-- leave the ring when others are around
-- say things like, I could have done that, no problem
-- feel depressed and not want to live (to remove yourself from the game)

And a huge long list of other things.

I have been competing for as long as I can remember. But in the last 3 years, it got exposed. And I raged. Brutal for everyone involved.

Until I chose something else.

I am mastering my own need to be wrong, and would like to invite you along for a very transformative journey.

We start tomorrow! All the details here: https://www.christeljoycrawford.com/offers/4JMzwLWC/checkout


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