Ep 226: Seeking for more. The key to a happy life.😀

We talk about questions A LOT in Access Consciousness.

But why?

Because when you live as the question your whole world is always full of possibilities, and when you take action on those and create from them, you get to experience the richness & fortune of living your dream.

So, let's break it down.

Living AS the question.

On the face of it, we know what it is.

But do we?

Know what it is?

Deep into the middle of the today's chapter, I saw where I had started killing myself this past year.

I stopped wanting more.

That was it.

So simple.

Everything started dying from there.

When I re-engaged, I sought like a starving person, and it gave me TONS of awareness. To the point where I realize what I really dis-engaged with was the more I wanted on the inside of me. And out in the world.

When you stop wanting more, you disengage from living.

You go through the motions of your life but inside, you're done.

Living is so different.

Living is the engaged sport of curiosity and exploration and generation and creation. It invokes and involves every cell of your body and every molecule in the universe. It's dynamic. Fun. And it's an ever-expanding space of "more".

There are 3 distinct BIG topics in today's show: I will touch on all.

-- why things may not have been working for you

-- the way to ask questions to get more from them

-- how you can create new stuff, like, really

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