Ep 233: Are hidden structures keeping your classes small? Let's grow our classes!

I'm studying class-growth.

Infinite-being-style class growth.

Energetic class growth. 😁

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I was tapped out for awhile so with me tapping back in, I'm devouring, editing, studying, taking notes on this structure thing.

Why, you ask?

Because I've been in waaaaaaaay too much pain.

And doing WAY too much doing.

Dain was talking today, on the 15 Billion call from last week, about how humanoids don't change anything until they're done suffering.

Um, yes.

So, I'm done suffering. And it turns out, every single thing that I've been suffering with - small classes, happiness levels, money flows - are all symptoms of structure.

Structure limits. Kills. Slows. Creates suffering for unlimited, gigantic infinite beings.

It's exactly like putting a big, huge, mammoth, gigantic being in a tiny, little, itty bitty, smallest ever in life - box.

It hurts.

So. There are a few steps when you want to suffer less.

1. Be willing for it to change no matter what.
2. Use the tools that melt the structures creating it.
3. Teach yourself to create from space.

On Wednesday, we are diving into the willingness and the melting.

And Thursday, in the 14 day series, we're going to talk creation from no-structure. Along with more melting.

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