Ep 230: One foot in. One foot out. Afraid of committing - to you?

Who or what would you destructure if you went all-in on you? 😱

Raise your hand if you've been using some energy for structure. :::raises hand:::

Instead of flowing energy into you, have you been maintaining ways of doing things that aren't working that well?

What if you flowed energy into what you want, what you're all about, how you function that is so unique it is a wild invitation to living?

The amount of energy I've been using to hold structures in place (that aren't even mine!) is staggering,

But the gift of awareness is seeing it and making a different choice.

We are taught structure as the only way of creating.

But it is not.

It's the old way.

Structures take all your energy to maintain.

The new way is being you. Spherical awareness and movement. Trusting the energy.

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