Create cash now. I mean, right now. Part 1.

Do you have a niche? Are there only certain ways for you to make money? 
Would you like actual tips and tools to create cash?


What's it going to take to create cash?


Have you ever wondered what it is going to take to actually create cash now? Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not the funnel you can institute to get cash in a few years. But now?

There could be many reasons for you to require more money. Are you an entrepreneur, and would you like more money in your business? Would you like more money in your life? Are you quitting your job? Would you like more money for Access classes? 

You never have to be without money, unless that's what you choose. If you were willing to be a hustler, and show up for yourself in totality - what would be possible? What would be available?


Questions you can start using now.


1. Who can I ask?

Who can you connect to that is looking to hire you? And doesn't know you are available? Do you have friends that can be a contribution to you? 

ASK THIS: Who or what is looking for me?

You can also ask the universe to support you.

ASK THIS: Universe what will it take to create cash right now? Show me? 

And what else can you tap into to start getting information of who or what you can ask? 


2. Where can I look?

What are the places that you can start looking at?

Can you post on Facebook? 

What's available on Craigslist?

What ads are published in the papers?

What coffee shops, grocery stores have ads up?

Are there other places you can go to or look at that could create cash for you?

What else is possible?


3. What could I choose? A list of 100 things you could do today if you were going to be homeless tomorrow.

The reason you don’t have cash is that you are not showing up for yourself in that way. You have not gotten clear on what you required and looked at what it is you need to choose to have that.

 What’s it going to take to choose to show up for yourself?

TRY THIS EXERCISE: Write down 100 things that you can do today for cash if you were going to be homeless tomorrow.

Making your list of 100 things will give you ideas that you might never have considered before. You can start to look beyond this reality for ideas that could create cash for you.


4. What service can I provide right now and who can I message to let them know I'm available, in case they know anyone?

Look at what is possible for you now. What is a natural extension of something you’ve already done in the past?

There are many things you have done in your life that you might have never considered as an income generator. What do you do every day that other people might be looking for?

In my case, if the internet and my online business went away today, I would start mowing lawns, cleaning houses, connecting with people, running their bars, cooking for people – I would go door to door and just connect with people. I would create.

What is your low-hanging fruit?

DO THIS: Send a message to all the people that you know to let them know you are available. Do they know any people who are looking for what you have to offer?


5. If I were willing to have money, what would I choose right now that I simply haven't chosen yet?

You have to be willing to have money. The only reason you don't have money is that you haven't chosen it yet.

What can you choose now? What can you get present with right now that will create a different money reality for you?


Here are some exercises you can use.

1. Look at a time in your life when you made a demand and something changed.

I have always been a hustler, from the time I was a kid. From the time that I entered the working world as a waitress I was constantly looking for what would work for me. What would create more money for me to be able to make the choices I desired to make.

When I choose to become a Certified Facilitator I really had to step up for myself. I had never made that kind of money before. I didn't have family that could help me with that. So I had to look at the points of view I had taken on about what it would take, and not eliminate this choice based on the amount of money it would cost to get there.

If you grew up not having a whole lot of money, you might eliminate choices based on how much they cost. 

One of the times in my life that I made a huge demand of myself was when I lived in Vancouver. I needed a car and for a while I did a lot of drama about not having a car. Until I stopped doing that and choose to demand something else.
I found this beautiful white Mercedes that was going to make my life so much greater. I would have to add another $1.000 of payments per month with this choice but I was having it! It was so clear to me that I would never be without a car again, ever! So I made the demand of me to never struggle to make any of these payments. I demanded it and choose it. And I never did miss a payment! Making this demand allowed my income to increase six times.

Find that energy for yourself. Go back into your life and look at where have you been that energy of demand for yourself. 


2. Look at that energy and what you created with it. Notice if you're being THAT with your financial situation right now, or if you're being something else.

In a session with a client of mine, we discovered that this lady did not know how to be the energy of demand for herself.

We talked about her addiction to hard drugs in the past. At the time she knew she would have to stop or she would die. She couldn't go on that way. So one day she woke up and stopped! She just stopped and never did hard drugs again.

That is the energy that is required to change your money situation. Where have you been that energy for yourself? That is the energy of demanding change in your life. "This is going to change today!"

You wake up one morning and choose it. there is no how, you just choose!


3. Apply that energy to this and see if you'd be willing to show up for yourself that way.

Look back at times when you successfully accomplished something that you didn't know how to do. When you made a demand of yourself or chose something that you didn't know how to do and you still did it? It was created, it occurred? Use that energy, apply that energy to create something else.

If you make choices with this energy of demand of you, you will have money! In that energy there is no doubt, there is no worry, there is no fear, there is nothing, just choice. 

Are you willing to be that energy for you here, now? Brutal honesty is required! 


TRY THIS EXERCISE: What if you pull apart your day, with all of these things you do for yourself that you never even looked at whether this could be a service you could offer people.


4. If not, ask: what would it take to be willing?

You could find out that you are not willing to be that demand for change in your life and show up for yourself. That you haven't been willing to get present in your life and chose to handle it.

ASK THIS: Am I actually willing for money to work for me?

If you find out that you are not.

ASK THIS: What will it take to be willing?

You are the source for creating the cash that you desire. If the business isn’t generating the income you require yet, what can you add to your life to also have money?

 You have to make a big demand in your world to create more. To have more of what you would like to create in your life.  

TRY THIS EXERCISE: Look at a time in your life when you made a demand and something changed. Look at that energy and be that energy in your body. Feel where you feel it. Notice what it changed in your life at that moment. Apply that energy to now and see if you’re being that energy now. If you’re not being that energy now, what would it take to be that?


5. Wonder about the level of pain you'll need to create for yourself to show up for you in totality?

If you still can’t find the willingness in your world to show up for yourself in that way?

ASK THIS: how much pain am I going to need to create to show up for myself here? 

What is it going to take for me to choose me? To choose the life I desire for myself?

When you have a lot of things to handle in your life and you are only moderately present,  is that going to work? When you are trying to control some sort of outcome? Does that expand your money flow or contract it?

You have to get present with you!

Every shift in my financial reality has come from me realizing that I haven’t been present. Getting that I need to choose something in order for it to occur. Then choosing it and seeing fruit.

How much pain do you need to be in to change this for you?

I have needed a lot of pain and intensity to create some of the biggest changes in my life. I’ve had to let things get really bad before I was willing and you might be one of those people too.


6. When you're bored, start choosing!

Things tend to get pretty insane in our worlds before they get better. Are you bored enough to demand of yourself to make a change? To look at all the things you already do in your life that could be a source of income? To look at your capacities that you might have dismissed in the past?

Are you ready to demand to be present with you and look at the things you already do in your life on a daily basis? Can you use these things to create a service that you will be paid for? Will you demand of yourself and use that energy to create the change?

Are you not willing to show up for you right now? That is good information! Most of us have not been willing to show up for ourselves, which is why our life is not working. Why we do not have the money we desire and require.



If you require cash now you have to be aggressively present with yourself. Are you willing to be a hustler?  What have you not been willing to be for you?

The only time we have a problem is when we are not willing to be something, know something, perceive something or choose something.

What level of intensity do you require to fully engage? For you. What are you waiting for?

What if you turn up the intensity instead of turning it down? If that is required for you to get your ass moving?

Is it time to be the hustler with money you truly are and show up for ourselves in a really different way?

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