Trauma, drama, or something else? Is the choice yours?

What does it take to have the space of you no matter what anyone else is choosing?
How many times do you try to fix what’s going on rather than ask a question or make a different choice?
We entrap ourselves with what we've decided cannot change. But what if we can? If you knew you could change anything - would you surrender to the trauma and drama that everyone else chooses? Or would you have what's true for you, no matter what it took?
I am discovering something about myself and out-creating a pattern that I have been in for my entire life. By studying the Access Consciousness tools you can do the same. 

Access Consciousness is not a quick fix.

Everything in Access Consciousness is about becoming more aware.  To practice and live the tools of consciousness every day of your life. It's not enough to read a book and hope everything will change. You have to study the tools in detail and depth so they become your go-to in any challenging situation. Every minute of every day. Do you ever feel anxiety, have panic attacks, are fearful or stuck in anger, obsession or shock? What trauma and drama scenarios do you often or repeatedly get stuck in, that you would love to deal with in a different way? 

In my weekly program Salon de la Consciousness we take an Access Consciousness book and study the tools for 6 months. Through this process of study you become really familiar with the tools so you can use them on a daily basis when trauma and drama comes up in your own life. 

What are you aware of?

99% of what goes on in your world is not yours. It's something else. You were not taught this. None of us were! When you try to change something in your life that is causing trauma and drama, we are taught to go into the feelings and emotions and the why of it. Every time we go into analyzing trauma and drama in our lives we actually distract ourselves from what is going on. 

For the last 6 months, in Salon de la Consciousness we have been studying the book Living Beyond Distraction by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer and really immersed ourselves in the distractor implants that are explained. 

When heaviness or reaction occurs you are inside the drama of a distractor implant: Your mind will start running (all the addictive, compulsive, obsessive points of view). You are looking for what caused it. In looking for what caused it you are assuming that something could cause it, and that it is real. Is it?

Trauma or drama around anything is a creation. All struggle is based on something that is not true. It is not real and it is not based on reality.

What is true then? Ease and joy and glory. I am power. I am control. I am money. I am awareness. I am creativity. That is true (from the How to Become Money Workbook)

Everybody does distraction! Depending on where you live on the planet, the distractions will be slightly different. Living in London, Ontario there are a whole set of different distractions than living in Latin America, where I recently moved to. The distractor reality is completely different! 

In London Ontario the energies of jealousy, sex and relationship (distractor implants) are not going to be up for many people. More so the energy of death. In Latin America on the other hand those energies are very real and charged and alive. The energies of relationships are very dominant in Latin America. What would be available if people in Latin America would no longer buy into these distractor implants? The world would change!

4 questions you can ask to get more information about anything:

If you have never acknowledged that you are aware, if you haven't explored a lot of consciousness or learned how your awareness specifically shows up for you you will likely make distractor implants real. You can be stuck in all kinds of intensities, feelings and moods or headaches and other physical things that can make you pretty insane.

To become more aware of the feelings, emotions or physical ailments that come up for you and to get more information of what you are really dealing with you can ask yourself 4 questions that are from the Foundation class:

  1. What is this?
  2. What can I do with it?
  3. Can I change it?
  4. If so, how do I change it?

Asking these questions for every trauma or drama that comes up in your life will give you more clarity and ease.  

Other tools you can use to gain more awareness of what is true for you:

There are 24 distractor implants in total:

We already mentioned that distractor implants are there to distracting you from what is really going on underneath the surface. They come from the book Living beyond Distraction. To go beyond anything that is distracting you it is important to know what they are and where you use them. 

  • Anger, rage, fury and hate.
  • Blame, shame, regret and guilt.
  • Addictive, compulsive, obsessive, perverted points of view.
  • Love, sex, jealousy and peace.
  • Life, living, death and reality.
  • Fear, doubt, business and relationship.
24 energies, 24 points of view and realities that are put in place to distract you from the choices you have.
TIP: Make a list of the distractor implants and carry them with you, so you can learn what they are and when they come up. Then you can destroy and uncreate  them and everywhere you hold them in place; right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, poc, pod, shorts, boys and beyonds. (Access Consciousness Clearing Statement).
When you go into a distractor implant and go into reaction as a default ("what does this mean?), don't make yourself wrong for it. If total control and judging someone is what you want to do first, just acknowledge that. Look at what you are doing. Studying and using the tools will give you more insight into what you would like to choose beyond these reactions.
TIP: When you get present with an energy you will look down and be present what is going on. When you look up you will be in your head and trying you think yourself out of it. In your mind you will always have a problem!

Beyond the distractor implant Relationship:

Relationship is a distractor implant. When you are in a relationship and something comes up in your world - like anger or irritation, or the need to control the situation or your partner - you can assume this feeling is yours and that it has something to do with your partner (or the person that triggered it), OR you can look at it as energy. Which will strengthen awareness in your world. What is it? What can I do with it?

There are 3 Elements for having a great relationship:

  1. They contribute money or an energy that contributes to more money.
  2. The sex is good.
  3. You let them do what they want and they let you do what you want.

Without these elements, you are always going to have problems.

It is very important to function from the 4 questions mentioned above (what is this? What can I do with it? Can I change it? If so, how do I change it?) if you want to change something. When you find out that you are being a control freak after asking the question; what is this? you can ask this question:
USE THIS CLEARING: What energy, space and consciousness  can me and my body be to be the controlling, dominating bitch I truly be for all eternity. Everything that doesn't allow it times a godzillion; right wrong, good, bad, all 9, poc, pod, shorts, boys and beyonds.
Sometimes you don't need to handle the big thing that is up (e.g. control issue) but you have to handle what you are doing (in this case being a bitch) and be willing to be it without judging it. This will change the energy!

What would you really like to change?

 Gary Douglas says people would rather be right than be free. It's not that once you only make conscious choices you will be free, but when you get and acknowledge what is true for you, you will be free (in that moment).
The distractor implants are a huge part of what we are all functioning from.  
In studying the Access tools you find the places where you are no longer willing to make all of this 'stuff' real. That place will require something different from you.
We have been studying the distractor implants in the Salon de la Consciousness for 6 months now and STILL there is work to be done.
ASK YOURSELFWhat are you trying to change? What is the thing you keep doing that you haven't been able to change. Like your default reaction when the shit hits the fan? If you haven't been able to change it, it might take a minute to out create it.
We would love to invite you to join Salon de la Consciousness for a very deep dive into some of the tools that are mentioned in this blog. The thing that is giving me more clarity about my life, living and relationships is stydying the tools of consciousness.
What is really possible for you? Are you stuck in an endless cycle of trauma and drama? Or would you like to use tools that will give you something else? Do you have to tolerate things or can you start to acknowledge what is and choose something else?
What is really going to work for you? For your life? The way that you would like it to work? What is truly possible when you weave the tools of consciousness into your everyday life and allow yourself to change?

What is next?

  • Next month in Salon de la Consciousness we are diving into The 10 Keys to Total Freedom. Handling these keys will handle anything in your life! We will study each chapter for 3 weeks. The first key we will study is: Would an infinite being really choose this? Not as an intellectual idea but as a truth that you live every day.
  • Go here for a free call I did to get a taste of Salon de la Consciousness.
  • If you want more you can always book a private session with me here.
  • How to Become Money Workbook, by Gary Douglas, purchase this book here.
  • Living beyond Distraction, by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, purchase this book here.
  • The 10 keys to Total Freedom, by Gary Douglas, purchase this book here.
  • To see what else is available in my shop, go here.

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