Show me the Money! 3 Key Access Consciousness® Money Tools

Three Access Consciousness® tools you can start using to generate a different financial reality

What if having money was simply a choice? What would making that choice look like each day?
What can you start to choose that will create your finances into something entirely different?! And ....what if I told you that there were tools that actually work?

If you’d like to have more money you have to choose to have more money. If you want water to flow, you have to turn on the pump. And in this case, questions are the pump.

Questions generate.

In this reality we’re taught that the purpose of the question is to get an answer. Weirdly, it doesn’t work!  I’m talking about living AS the question. Asking a question to get an awareness, not an answer. Asking a question to open up space instead of closing it down with one fixed answer because --  the more space you open, the more can show up!

The best way to see what I mean is to just start using them. Let’s dive into the tools.

Three tools you can start using now. 


1. Generate Your Life, Make it a Party!


Did you know that money comes to parties?  It’s what makes money flow like air.

So, what would it take for you?  Are you generating a life that’s fun for you? Or something else? 

Are you functioning from business as an overflowing of everything you are?  Or are you doing things, hoping they’ll work out or something else?

What would it take to live the energy of what you want your life to be so that it can show up for you? (You can go to right now and download a 30 day challenge that has been changing people’s lives totally in this area.) 

What if you could choose to be happy and money would follow? What if generating a life that’s fun for you could turn your whole life around?

ASK THIS: What can I  add to my life, what can I be or do that is DIFFERENT?

Many of us think that once we have our money situation “handled” then we will be happy. So we work hard with the hopes that someday we’ll be able to enjoy our lives. It’s actually the other way around. 

Choose to be happy now and money will follow! (And if you have no idea how to do this, start with The Awareness Challenge. I promise you, something will show up if you do it.)

What’s fun for you? What makes you come alive? What fills you up and gives you that sense of joy and enthusiasm? 


2. Shift from Need to Gratitude


You can’t generate a flow of money from the energies of need and lack. The universe only speaks energy, not English, and when you’re being those energies, it simply contributes more of them. 

To have money, you have to be money, and gratitude for every little thing that is in your life is one of the keys.

So, how do you get there? Is it as simple as sitting down each morning and making a list? Maybe. Try it! 

But what else? 

One of the things you could start with is practicing receiving. 

A QUICK RECEIVING EXERCISE:  Close your eyes, feel 3 different points on your body…. your hands on your legs…. your feet on the floor… the air on your skin…. and really look at what you’re grateful for about what you’ve created so far. Go looking for that energy no matter how long it takes you. What ARE you grateful for?  Even if it’s only one thing….  and when you find it for anything, expand it. Apply it to everything, one by one. Even money. What does what you already have contribute to you that you haven’t yet received? And what changes for you when you do?   

You can also look at what you may be being the source of right now. Are you being the source of happiness for you and the people around you?  Or reaction? Or sadness?  Or stress?  Or….. something else?  

TRY THIS: What would it take to show up as the energy of what I  want my life to be so that it can show up for me? 

You are generating what you’d like to be/have in your life. So what can you add  straight away to generate a totally different reality with money?


3. Clear Projections and Expectations


Projections and expectations are killers. There are only 3 things they can create: separation, judgment and rejection.  But it’s crazy, because it’s the way we’re taught to function. I actually remember verbally declaring that there was no way I was ever going to let go of my expectations: everything would fall apart if I did! 

But I was wrong. It was the thing I was doing to be right, and it really was destroying everything. (If you want a really deep dive into this life changing topic, check out the book PESJR’s. 

 How much are you projecting and expecting with money? How much do you project and expect that it shows up? That it needs to show up? And what else? 

Using projections and expectations with money only creates separation, judgement and rejection.

So, does it work? Or something else?

TRY THIS: Every morning  destroy and uncreate your projections and expectations around money,  and destroy and uncreate who you were yesterday.  Here’s how you do it:
All my projections and expectations about money, I destroy and uncreate all that. Right wrong good bad poc pod all nine shorts boys and beyonds.  Everything I was yesterday, I destroy and uncreate all that. Right wrong good bad poc pod all nine shorts boys and beyonds. 

ASK THIS: What can I be today that would allow massive amounts of money to come to me with total ease?



Just know, what will start to occur with the regular use of these consciousness tools is that they will loosen up the areas where you’ve been ‘stuck’.

Don’t try to figure out ‘why’ things were the way they were before: leap into your new life using questions and start to create and generate what you’d like to have in your life. 

To add extra oomph, use the clearing statement after your questions.  



It’s just important to look at;  if you keep doing worry and need and lack, as though that’s going to work… will it work? And if not, what else could you choose? 

Is it possible that there are super simple tools that could create something different?
If you chose to ask a question like , what can I do or be today to generate massive amounts of money with total ease? … would it create more?  

You are the source of what is currently showing up for you in your life. What’s it going to take for you to be the source of more?

This is where you start to generate a different set of possibilities for yourself. 

Universe… Can I have the money now please?



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