Got doubt?

Are you doing doubt?

About 4 years ago, at the end of 2017, I went through another huge transformation. Living with 3 other people had stopped working, and we were all busy choosing something else that would work better. My financial "need" had increased, I was having to make choices that would affect others and me and the future, and apparently - I had been doing a lot of doubt.
As of the writing of this blog, I thought doubt was an energy I don't do. But upon watching a video I did 4 years ago in the awareness challenge) I was reminded. I have done it. Did used to do it. And really, really changed that for me. You can go here to watch it.
Here's what you have to know about doubt (from the book Living beyond Distraction): "Fear, doubt, business, & relationship are all designed to keep you in a place where you never choose what you would really like to have.
  • you are distracting yourself from desiring what you truly desire in life.
  • you don't want to have life so easy that it takes no effort. As long as it is difficult to achieve, you are living."
When I look at where I am now, I'm pretty staggered at the change. But in looking at what I chose that created where I'm at now, there are some pretty obvious things.


  1. I looked at a big major life change, and asked: COULD I change it? If not, what could I choose that would work?
    1. Getting present with what IS is the most powerful empower-er.
  2. I did a 30x30 first on becoming willing to live the energy of what I'd like my life to be ( and then on becoming a true believer of me.
    (Challenge on my site - Total Trust in You)
  3. I chose to create total peace with money.
    1. I read the book Profit First
    2. I instituted those systems from the book for revenue allocation.
    3. I committed to using those systems no matter how uncomfortable I got.
  4. I truly committed to me and the question of "What will my life be like in 5 years if I choose this?", asked it for everything, and only followed yes's.



Looking back 4 years ago at when we were all living in the house, we got to a situation where none of us were happy living together. I realized I was looking for greater than the others were willing to have. What started out as a fun adventure, all living in this big house was not working any more. And I started to doubt myself. I wasnt asking the questions that would allow me to get clear on what was going on. 

There are  4 questions you can ask to get more information or to change anything in your life that are from the Foundation class (you can go here to find my upcoming classes).

  1. What is this?
  2. What can I do with it?
  3. Can I change it?
  4. If I can change it, how can I change it?


I realized I skipped over a major question that would have given me information about what was going on: "Can I change it?" I had not asked myself that question. When I looked at it I got I couldn't change it. No amount of tools I could use, nothing I could be that was different than I was being, this situation was not going to change. That was the truth!

The doubt I had that ran through all of this was that it wasn't true. That I was incorrect about that I couldn't change the situation. I didn't want this to be true! And I didn't want to look at the thing I could choose if I was willing to have my own back. Instead of choosing to have my own back,  I went into doubt.

Have you ever used doubt to distract yourself like that?



  1. Your ability? Are you doubting the choices you made that must be creating the results that you are not happy about? Are you concluding that what you choose has no value?
  2. Whether or not the results will come? With money, are you truly choosing to have money, and do you have your own back? Are you making a demand of yourself? Are you being the source of money?
  3. Whether or not you did any good at all? After facilitating a class, do you doubt yourself?
  4. Whether or not you're choosing the right thing? Do you doubt until you get enough evidence that you did the right thing? What is enough evidence? Do you doubt until proven right? There is no proof because doubt is not a real thing. It is a distractor implant, there to distract you from what you truly desire. 


 When you do any of these things you will let everything be led by your doubt. There will be no room for anything else. You will not be able to look past the doubt that is right there in your face.  As mentioned before doubt is a distractor implant, literally there to distract you from what is really going on for you.  In this blog we are focussing on doubt, but if you want to know more about the other 23 distractor implants you can read this book: Living Beyond Distraction.

I am happy to say I don't do doubt anymore in my life like I did 4 years ago. The change from when I recorded my video about doubt in 2017 (you can watch it here) until now is huge. So what did I actually choose that eliminated doubt as an energy in my world?

The first thing I choose to eliminate doubt in my world:

I got really present with what was true. I looked at the major life changes in my life and I asked: "Can I actually change this"?

You have to get present with yourself too and you cannot go into doubt! You might have to force yourself to get present.  
YOU CAN ASK YOURSELF: Truth, did I fuck this up, yes or no? Could I have done this differently? You can use yes or no questions in any situation in your life.
Then when you get the response to that question KNOW it to be true! Do not doubt it. Be willing for it to be true. Be a true believer in yourself. 
Now what is true for you might not be fun or easy. 
When I found out what was true for me all those years ago, living with my friends, I had to know we were not on the same page. We were not heading in the same direction. None of this was fun or easy for any of us. But when I allowed it to come to the surface it came with ease.
Allowing this to sink in and to be true, was what eliminated doubt in my world
This will also be true for you. Sitting with what is true for you will empower you to create what will work for you. Doubt is what distracts you from what you truly desire. 
When you know this is just distraction, you will get empowered to make different choices. A whole era of new adventures and life choices can come from all of this. New opportunities will start to show up for you once you get present with what is not working (ask what is this?) and what you truly desire.
When you get truly present with what is true for you there won't be any static, or tears, or shaking drama. you will just be present. This is what it is! There is no doubt.

The second thing I choose to eliminate doubt in my world:

In 2018 I started doing 30x30 clearings out loud diligently, which started to dissipate doubt in my world. The first challenge I did comes from the book Right Riches for you. 

Since then I have been doing 30x30 clearing every day and I know this is a huge part of not having doubt in my world anymore.

This was not a new idea! Gary Douglas (the founder of Access Consciousness) had been telling us from the start to do 30x30 clearings if we desire real change. This means that you take a clearing and run the clearing 30 times a day for 30 days.

The clearing I started with prompted the Awareness Challenge  that you can find on my site. Saying the clearing out loud 30 times for 30 days will allow you to embody what it will take to be willing to live the energy of what you would like your life to be. 

Are you doing doubt in favor of knowing? Are you functioning from what is true for you? Running the 30x30 will create a pragmatic way of looking at the choices you have in front of you. What will your life be like in 5 years if you choose this, or this?
Another game-changing 30x30 clearing you might want to do is 'Total trust in you', which you can find in my shop here. This clearing is about being a true believer in yourself. In some lifetime you swore you would never again be a true believer. That you would never ever blind faith trust anybody ever again. This can have many reasons, maybe you were a part of a cult. But what would it take to be a true believer in you? We all come into consciousness from a different place. What if none of us ever resisted being a true believer of ourselves?
For me personally, this clearing created a peace and a knowing in my world that I did not have before or since. After that, I trusted myself completely.

The third thing I choose to eliminate doubt in my world:

In 2019 I choose to create total peace with money. By then I went to more Access classes, had a nice car, I was living in big expensive places so there was a lot of demand for money in my world. There was also a lot of hustle. Not the type of fun kind of hustle, but always hustling for the next dollar.

I had created a lot of miracles by then and I also realized that my money situation was never going to change until I made a different choice. To have total peace with money. Choosing to have peace with money changed my financial situation. How much would I have to have in my bank account per year to have total peace with money?

It will be the same for you. Once you choose something the universe supports it and things will start to show up.

After I made the choice I found the book Profit First. This is an incredible book that I  highly recommend. I studied it and started to institute the systems the writer recommends. I committed to using the systems no matter how uncomfortable I got.

Before that, I had not been present with money or fully engaged with it in this way. I had not chosen beyond the epic hand-to-mouth reality or gotten fully present with my money situation. 

I was committing to be present from then on, no matter what it took! And two and a half years after choosing that I have money!


The fourth thing I choose to eliminate doubt in my world:

No matter what I have in front of me I commit to asking about that choice:

"What will my life be like in 5 years if I choose this? What will my life be like in 5 years if I don't choose this?" And I choose what is light and will create more for me.



If you fully commit to your awareness of the future, doubt cannot exist!

You have the ability to know what your choices have created and to know what your choice will create. You have that as an ability.

USE THIS TOOL: If it's a choice you already made you can ask: did this choice create more than I am acknowledging, yes or no? If yes, you can receive that. When you are willing to receive the energy of what your choice created there is no doubt there. Doubt disappears.

ANOTHER TOOL: If you have a choice or a series of choices that you want to make, you can draw 2 columns: Colom 1 will have the question: Will my life be greater in 5 years if I choose this? Columns 2 will have the question: Will my life be less in 5 years if I choose this?

Look at your list and without thinking about it, ask greater or less? Allow your instant awareness to fuel what you choose. Awareness is so much faster than thinking about it. Go with what will make your life greater.

The topic in this blog is an advanced conversation. The two big questions underneath all that is explored in this blog are: Are you willing to give up hating you? And are you willing to give up thinking? Even if these are two of your favorite things?



In conclusion, there are things you can start to do to give up doubt in your life and your world. And giving up hating yourself and giving up thinking along the way:

  1. Buy and study the book Living beyond Distraction. This is the best masterclass on getting access to the choices you have that nobody else has in the world.
  2. Go to or buy the book Right Riches For You  and start doing the 30x30 clearing challenge.
  3. Write down on a sticky note: What will my life be like in 5 years if I choose this? And start applying that question to every single choice in front of you. Make it a yes/no question. Go with the one that pops and TRUST yourself with what you get. Play with it for 3 days, see what happens? Take thinking out of the equation and ask the question that will give you an awareness of the future that it will create.
    That's what choices do, they generate or degenerate things. It really isn't as hard as we make it to be. What if you allow your choices to be simple? Write down the choices in front of you or make a list of possible choices you can make and ask what your life will be like in 5 years if you choose this or if you don't choose this? Make it a game and get a sense of what a choice will create and whether or not you are willing to be the source of that future?

I have made a lot of choices in my life where I was the source of a future, that on the surface looked like it would devolve the situation. Like it would degenerate the future by telling others for example about the sexual abuse in my family. I was the source for change many times in my own life by speaking up. It took strength to make those choices and I made them anyway. 

The same is true for you. You will have choices in front of you that will catalyze a lot of change. You have made choices that have catalyzed a lot of change. If you don't look at the energetics of what that choice created you could easily negate yourself with the choice you made. To make yourself wrong. And to doubt yourself. Know that you can always make a new choice in every 10 seconds.

You can ask yourself if you want to keep negating yourself in your life? Because that is what doubt does. Or do you want to start getting access to knowing? When you become willing to know, nothing can stop you! Is that what you are avoiding? What if you didn't avoid it any longer? what if you chose to KNOW? What if you chose to BE? 

All the tools in this blog will give you access to choosing what you know, that goes beyond doubt. What will it take to create a totally different space of being for you? From you? To you? For you? Beyond the distraction of doubt! Start using the tools and reading the books and find out!



Sidebar here are a few fun LITTLE TRUTH BOMBS:

Choices are not linear and life is not a mathematical equation. A plus B does not equal C, A plus B equals banana!

When you follow the lightness of a choice (the yes you get after asking a question) you cannot know how it will show up, just that it will create more. None of this is cognitive!

If you are distracting yourself with doubt about what is really true after the fact, you most likely created a miracle that you are covering up with doubt!

Presence with yourself is always going to eliminate doubt.


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