Create cash now! Part 2

Do you believe it is difficult to change your money reality? Are you sure there must be reasons and justifications why cash is not flowing into your life? Here are some of the myths that people use when it comes to cash creation.

Are you functioning from MYTHS regarding cash?


Here are some myths that stand in the way of you having all the cash you require and desire. If you don't have cash in your life right now, you haven't chosen it. 


#1 Cash will come without ever putting "boots on the ground". 

This is an American expression that people might not know, which means that you have to take action on something.

If you would like your cash reality to change you need to take action on the ideas you have.

When you've made your list of 100 things that you could do to create cash, you have to start somewhere.

It doesn't matter what you start with, just start! Something will pop, probably the most obvious thing on your list.

As you start taking action on this thing it will start to generate an energy.

Are there people in your life or on your social network that could support you? 
You have to take action for them to know.

Do it wrong, do it badly but do it anyway! Don't try to get it right, just choose and that will start to generate something.

There is so much support available in the universe once you start taking action.

#2 Somebody will come and rescue you.

When you're choosing something that isn't working, you have to look at it

Are you looking for a rescuer? Somebody who is going to come along and rescue you by giving you money?

What if YOU were willing to be 'that guy' for you and rescue yourself? What if you don't have to hustle until the rescue comes.

Be the source of your own life and generate the cash you desire for everything that will make your life sweet and wonderful.

What's it going to take?

Are you willing to be really honest with yourself and see where you are functioning from?

Will you be your own rescuer?


#3 It will happen to you one day!

No! it is not just going to happen to you. You create it when you choose it.

What's it going to take?

Having books on your nightstand, hoping for more, doing clearings all the time or looking for that next free money class is not going to make it happen!

Cash shows up because you choose it! That's it! have you chosen it yet?


#4 Figuring out "WHY you got there" will fix it.

Is asking why relevant? 

What if asking why is distracting you from the choice that you have?

You did whatever you did because you did it! Now, what can you choose? That's all!

The energy of 'Whatever!' will change it! It doesnt matter how you got there. Trauma and drama will not help you.

Choice will generate more money.

If you require cash now?

ASK THIS: What will create cash now?

The universe will work on your behalf and conspire to support you through the people in your life. Once you start to choose!


#5 "If you avoid it, it will get better!" 

If you pretend the problem isn't here, that it doesn't exist, it's not going to get better.

It's going to get worse. The moldy cup in the back of your fridge will not mysteriously disappear.

Avoidance will not make it go away.

The only thing that will change it is presence.


#6 Changing it will be hard.

Your point of view creates your reality. If your point of view is that something will be hard then it will be hard.

If you use the tool interesting point of view I have this point of view for every point of view around that, you have the chance at a different possibility. 

ASK THIS: What's it going to take for this to be ease? Not easy, but what will it take for this to be ease?

If you've created a situation where you require cash now, you have not chosen thrival. Yet. That's fine!

Don't make yourself wrong. Start from here. What can I choose to have thrival?

What action is required now? 

SAY TO YOURSELF: All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory. Say it to yourself a hundred times a day for the next eight years if that is required.

ASK THIS: What steps do I need to take, what choices do I require to make, all the uncomfort I might have to put myself through in order to have what I would like to have? All of that comes to me with ease, joy and glory.

Money is a byproduct of creation. If you don't have money there is something you haven't chosen to be or do. 

Everything that is available to you is outside what you have been comfortable with. All of this can come to you with ease, joy and glory. If you choose.



  • Interesting point of view I have this point of view for every point of view that comes up.
  • All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory, 100 times a day or whenever you require it.
  • Start taking action on the things you know (or guess for now) that are your low hanging fruit.

Those choices and the energy that your actions will generate for you will create something different in your life, for your body and for you. For the people around you. This will give the universe the sign to support you.



You have created yourself into this situation of not having any cash. This could have a multiple of reasons,  because of avoidance, neglect or never putting money as a priority.

Don't feel bad about this but skip to the choosing. Your choice changes everything.

What can you choose now? What can you choose that's different? What can you choose that is the nearest available thing for you to get to work on? Then put your boots on the ground!

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