Receiving. The source of true change.

Do you believe pain is chronic? That it's a byproduct of getting older? Are you trying to get rid of something? Weight? Feeling heavy? Pain?

What if your body has more awareness than you've ever considered? More ability? 

In my latest Facebook live series, 14 Days of Listening to & Learning to Trust Your Body, it hit me: SO many people were trying to 'get rid of something'. 

How do I get rid of ‘this’ thing?

What are you functioning from when you are saying “I want to get rid of this thing”?  What’s the energy that you are functioning from right underneath that?

Are you functioning from allowance for you?
Are you functioning from awareness?
Are you functioning from honoring you?
From trusting you?
From being vulnerable with you?
From being grateful for you?

Or are you functioning from something else?

So much of what we handle and what goes on in our world is intense. We all have a level of awareness that is off the charts and none of us were educated about this in school.

#1 Your body is a sensory organism. 

It picks up on energies from 8 to 8.000 miles in every single direction. For some of you it picks up energies from 8 to 800.000 million miles in every single direction. That is unfathomable!

You don’t have to believe me, you have to be willing to play. (Check out the Who Does It Belong To Challenge.) 

#2 Your body has a healing capacity. 

I don’t mean capacity like 'your body has a Gucci purse'. I mean, your body ís a healing body. This is how your body works. 

Simply ask you body: do you heal? Does your body heal without your permission? Does it just do it?  

There are so many questions we were never taught to ask: Body, do you have abilities with the spirit world? The spirit world is included in the universe of awareness. Do you include it? Do you have abilities of being aware of the earth? (For more on this, check out this free Talk to the Entities series.)

Can you get rid of something you are?

You can get surgery to correct, to amend or to change your body or your gender. But do you ever fully get rid of the fact that you came into this life as a woman, if you change into being a man? No! In that case your body is naturally created to be a woman. You are always going to be combating, fighting your body's natural tendencies.

The same is true if you come into this world as a healer. Are you functioning as what you are or are you trying to get rid of what you naturally are?

At the base of ourselves, we are these incredibly aware sensory beings. You can cut off these abilities that you have and never be aware of them. But is that going to give you access to the change you can create?

It doesn’t work to get rid of something. Resisting. Avoiding. Negating. It doesn’t work. It holds everything in place and ensures that you hurt. 

What does work is to engage with it, receive it, transform it, transmute it.

From reaction to awareness.

Andres and I were having a conversation. He asked me about one thing and said another thing and all of a sudden all this energy showed up in my body.

Was it reaction or was it something else? I got that it was something else.

The amount of information that I receive in the speed at which it comes, and the amount of intensity that I have available to me to create a different future is intense! And all this is so fast. I am so fast. 
Are YOU faster than you've ever acknowledged? 

Every day we are engaging and creating our lives and business. We are choosing and getting more awareness. Living is the adventure of getting information and choosing again. We get to discover how things work for us.

When you are not judging something it gives you access to a lot more information. If you’re struggling with judging use the tool interesting point of view for 3 days for everything that comes out of your head. Dain Heer Ipov challenge.

What ever you told yourself you want to get rid of, look at it different.

Are you looking at this as a problem? What if what is occurring right now (e.g. intensity or disease in your body, difficulties in relationship or with money) wasn't a problem? What capacity is this that I haven’t explored yet?

Asking these questions you’re going to build a couple of things:

  • You are going to start to acknowledge you as the super aware being you are.
  • You are going to start to recognize more when awareness occurs. You are an aware being, not a fucked up being.

What if you are power?

What if you don’t have a money problem? You have a power that you have used to create a shitty money reality, that if you use it to create a great money reality could actualize it?

You have never looked at what it would take. You have literally never chosen it. That’s it! 

Now that is a totally different reality. Whatever I choose to put my attention on is going to actualize. How do I want to use my power? How do I want to use me? The power that I am? The awareness that I am? The money that I am? Just pretending I am not doesn’t mean that I am not it.

We are all handling some pretty intense things on a daily basis. What if you didn't have to get rid of any of it. What if you looked at it in a different way? How much power are you that you have never been willing to receive, perceive and be? What if you were willing? 

What if you never try to get rid of anything that you have decided isn't working in your life again? What if instead you are vulnerable with you? Honor you? Trust you? Be grateful for you?  Have allowance for you? What if you claim, own and acknowledge the healing capacity that your body has and the incredible sensory organism that your body is. Would that change anything in your life?

If you're looking for more, check out this page! And for even more, the 14 Day class is amazing.

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