Is there someone else? And what to do about it!

Are you ever around a friend and they seem different? Has it ever occurred to you that they are literally being someone else?

We're not taught almost anything (nothing, really) about the spirit world. Most everything we learn about it is 'learned' from movies.  And most (read, all) is overly dramatized and cinematized to create a story.

The thing is, the spirit world does exist.  And your friends and family members do usually have other beings going on.  And you need to know that in order to use the tools that are going to make YOUR life easier, even if that's not something they want. 

Welcome to a very wild and weird world.  What if modern-day exorcism can be fun?

What are your signs of entity awareness? 

This whole blog got created from an intense couple of days I spent away with one of my oldest friends. On night two of our outing, after a few tequilas, she got dramatic, and I got intense.  No more of THIS was my point of view. 

As I was walking away musing on what just occurred I got the awareness of other beings and started clearing. 

You can watch the whole story here.



But there are clues you can use to find out that you may be aware of entities or demons. 


CLUE #1: Your person just doesn't seem like themselves.

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever been around a friend and all of a sudden something changes? Or do you have friends or family members who seem to change on a dime?

How do you usually handle this, and how could you handle this?

What if you asked yourself a very different question: Am I actually speaking to them or am I speaking to someone else?

If you get that it is somebody else:

ASK: is this an entity or a demon?

There are essentially two types of unseen beings. They are not scary, they are just what it is. Demons have been hired, at some point in any lifetime, to do a job. Entities are a whole spectrum of disembodied beings.

You have had or have these tag alongs in your body for various reasons and in various ways. And the same is true for the people you care about. 

The reason this is important is that you have to know what you're dealing with so you can use the correct tools to take care of it.

Truth who are you? Truth who were you before that? Truth who were you before that? truth who were you before that? Truth who will you be in the future? Take all your magnetic imprinting and you can go now. Right and wrong, good and bad, all 9, pod and poc, shorts, boys and beyond.

All you demons, go back to from whence you came, never to return to me, her, our bodies or this reality again. Repeat that until the energy changes.

*taken from the work of Gary Douglas & Shannon O'Hara of Access Consciousness®

Those clearings will handle at least 80% of all entity and demon activity and make your life easier. Now, you've just got to look at 'what will work here'? 

Sometimes, you have a person with whom you can bring something up.  For me and my friend there was an opening, AFTER I got really intense that I wasn't going to do THAT anymore. 

But that opening is not always there.

So, stay aware. Ask: is there anything I can say to change something here?  Otherwise, clear and deal with the entities & demons so that you can have more ease.

Important fact: entities and demons don't hold onto you, you hold onto them.  So, clearing them from your people will work while they're around you, and, if that person wants them back - they'll be back.  


CLUE #2: You hear yourself saying "It's like they became another person!"

 If this sounds literal, it's because it is!

ASK: Did they become a different person? Yes or no?

This is for you. For your information. You need to start to acknowledge you and everything you become aware of to get more access to it.  When you start to get that you're not crazy, you're just aware, you'll start to know that you can use tools to create change and have more ease. 

Clear them.

Ask the entity that is the person you have ease with to come to the front of the body. 

YOU be the dominant entity and don't be run by theirs.

And of course, you can always leave.  The important thing to remember is that you never have to be at the effect of anyone or anything.  This is your life.  Choose what works for you.

(If you want to know more about this you can check out all my upcoming Talk to The Entities® classes by clicking here.)

Asking questions will get more information about what you are dealing with. 
  • How many beings are in there with them?
  • Is it just entities or is it entities and demons?
  • Do they invite them in often?

You can clear everything that is in a persons body the moment they come into your space. Or before. Clear the beings out of their body and all the bodies involved. Let the beings know they CAN NOT be here while they are in this house! If the person wants them back after they leave your space that is fine. But let them know that while that person is with you, they need to stay far away.

Don't tell other people what you are doing. Do it in the privacy of your own head, in your own bathroom. Just for you, just for fun - never tell anyone.

Here's a handy graphic you can use to remind you.



CLUE #3: You're in a mood!

This is one of my greatest clues that I'm aware of entities.  If you want to see a 5 minute video I did on a massive ah-hah regarding this, check this out

Are you super irritated? At the end of your rope? Not being able to be around people anymore, not being able to cope?

Well, mama -- are you aware of entities?

For example, like in my video above, when you are aware of (devolved) beings and you do not acknowledge them, your mood can get very intense. The moment you acknowledge what you are aware of and clear them the mood will go away.  

99.999% of what you have going on is NOT yours. The intensity that you have going on? Not yours. You are a psychic radio receiver tower and you pick up on the energy of things 8-8,000 miles in every direction. 

For more information on 'Who Does it Belong To', check out this video from Dain.  And if you want to take a little 3 day challenge to see just how aware you are, you can check out this challenge here

And, when it comes to entities and demons it is important to identify how your awareness of them shows up for you specifically.

To get more access to how entity awareness shows up for you, it really assists to ask directly for almost everything for a while (but especially moods!!): am I aware of an entity or demon here?

You will know what is true because when you land on what it is, everything will get lighter. The energy will start to dissipate just by asking that question.

Acknowledgement of what is opens space. 


Here's what you gotta get. 

People choose all kinds of things. Devolvement, destruction, unawareness, unconsciousness, anti-consciousness - I mean, really, the list is long.  

My personal point of view is: 

I'm having ease, joy and  glory.

And so, the more I educate myself on the spectrum of things that I can be aware of the easier my life gets. I can handle it with the tool that is actually going to create the change.

What's super relevant about entities and demons:

  1. People can be being one of them. If somebody is not being themselves or if I am not being myself there is a good chance they are being someone else. Literally.
  2. What I have going on can very easily be a demon or an entity, more than one or both.
  3. Things get easier when I acknowledge them and clear them. 

If the people around you are being someone else, they can have someone else inside their body with them.

You are the dominant entity.

  • You can clear them.
  • You can choose if it works to be around them.
  • The more you acknowledge what is true for you the easier everything is going to be.



What would it take to really include your level of awareness about the spirit world?

That when somebody in your life is not being themselves and actually seem like a different person, you know what is going on?

What if you educated yourself on how entity awareness shows up for you? And most of all what if you practiced being the dominant entity in your life so you are never at the effect of any of this stuff ever again?



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