Angst to Ease & my #1 favorite money tool!

"When you get to a place where you're wiiling to make a demand, things change." 
~ Right Riches for You by Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer

This is by far my most used personal tool.

Demand is the fastest way to something different in your life, and with money, there is nothing that works as well.

We pretty much sit at using 10% of what we're capable of.

Most of the time.

The rest of us - the 990% of us, as Gary Douglas says - goes unused. Until an emergency pops up. Which is when we soar into doing impossible things with total ease.

When I first read about the 10 and 990%, I obsessed. Becoming the 990% became my only wish and I started asking myself: If I were being the 990%, what would I choose?

That was the year I changed my entire future with money. Implemented new systems. Turned the boat on how the business functioned. Created a money situation that allowed for the 2 years post-Covid to be more ease than they would have been prior.

I'm convinced that a future-us is leading and guiding us most of the time.

Sitting on the other side of what I'll call the Latin American years, I truly wonder at all the gifts I gave myself there (and gave Andres) that we are both still uncovering.

Meaning: your timing for reading this and your timing for pulling up your big girl panties and getting to work creating a reality that really works for you is not too late.

You're never too late.

In fact, you're right on time.

Because the things you've gone through so far have formed who you are now.

And who you are now is ready to leap. Go. Create things that have never been created before.

The way forward into a new future is paved with demand.

You don't demand of the universe: you demand of you.

(If you don't quite get this, picture the universe as a person, with you in front of them going, "Universe, I demand that you bring me more money." If you don't laugh at the petulant princess you become, then try it again until you do.)

You are the only one who can show up and change "this" for yourself. And by "this" I mean money.

You are the guy. The knight in shining armour. That white horse is yours and is a little out of shape from you not riding it.

Get on the horse. Be the guy. Pull up those big girl panties and go:

No matter what it takes: I'm changing this money thing for good. I don't care what I have to do or be or have or create or generate to make it happen. I'm not living this stupid anymore.

And if right now you just read those words and nothing 'real' happened inside of you, then for this moment, you've just read words.

When you actually demand, everything will change.

Angst comes from hoping everything will change. Ease comes from making the demand that changes it all.

How do you move from angst - to ease?

Make a demand!

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