Angst to Ease & my 3rd favorite money tool!

In my personal group of 9 favorite money tools/conversations, this is my secret weapon.

Buckle up.

Number three: Drive fast. Look for openings. If there isn't one, be patient - there will be.

Money only works when you drive fast.

Admittedly, this is a tricky tool because a person who likes to drive fast can get really reactive at those who don't, and money doesn't work at reaction: everything shows up when and how it can and knowing and patience is also essential.

But hear me out because the drive-fast skillset is essential.

We took a little road trip this weekend.

There are basically 3 types of driver on any American highway.

The one who sets their cruise control just slightly above the speed limit and sits in the right lane, being good and letting everyone else pass.

The one who sets their cruise control a little higher than that and sits in the left lane, pissing off the 3rd driver.

And the 3rd driver, who never uses their cruise control and uses their aggressive forward movement to move everyone back into the right lane while they go their own speed.

I am the 3rd driver.

It started in my early teens, on the roller skating rink.

My mom would drop us off for some kids birthday party and I would rush over to get my skates, lace them on and begin that beautiful sense of freedom before anyone else got on.

But the rink would inevitably fill with people and that's when it got good.

While they spent their time being careful and trying not to hurt anyone, I spent mine weaving in and out of them and finding the speed where no one else could see it.

That's how I create business. And my life.

I get asked all the time how I create so many things.

I drive fast.

Your life will only work to the degree you're willing to find your own way through the limitations everyone else sets.

When everything is going really well - clients are registering and paying, class hosts are doing their thing, your staff is humming along and revenue is booming - it's easy to coast.

But when a pandemic hits, or the economy fluctuates, or the sparkle wears off of the shiny new thing - that's when you've got to have your ability to drive on your toes.

There is no sleepwalking in a financial reality that works.

If you've been sleepwalking on cruise control, hoping it will work out, here's a strategy:

1. Shake it off.

2. Ask yourself: if this wasn't going to work unless I changed something, what could I change now? Today?

3. Ask yourself: what can I stop doing that's killing my finances?

4. Ask yourself: what can I start doing that will invite everything to grow?

5. Start moving.

Angst comes from moving at the same speed of everyone else. Ease comes from moving at yours.

Zoom zoom.


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"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough."

~ Mario Andretti

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