Angst to Ease & my 9th favorite money tool!

 Money tool number nine: "Catch coping & nip it before it grows."

Coping (angst) can look like:

  • stress- worry- overthinking- a state of perpetual reaction- persistent grumpiness- pessimism- sarcasm- ice queen/king- sadness

Basically, any of the angst energies are coping energies.

I am living different these days. Space, ease, happiness - but I still have my coping (angst) tendencies.

My personal one seems to be hoarding and coping: holing up, holding onto everything, going into stress and not letting anything move.

The thing is, that after all these years and tools - I know that i know that I know that that does not create a flow of money.

And so when I sense that energy, I get to work.

There are always two fronts to work with yourself on in regard to money:

  1. being
  2.  action

Because I tend to shut them down (or I'm hyper aware of everyone else who does) I have to persistently work with myself on keeping my flows open.

So I get to work, opening again, and with my actions increase the flow, physically & energetically, into my life and out into the world.
(The How to Become Money Workbook starts to teach us "how" to do that: pulling in energy from the front, from the back, from the sides, from the bottom, from the top.)

With these moments, I also need an action-shake.

I'll jump into action of any kind, or I'll start facilitating money classes, or I'll read something, or I'll do an energy exercise, or I'll dance or clean the house or go for a huge long walk.

But I never let myself live in coping.

Coping doesn't create more money.

So, if you're there, what can you do with yourself?

  1. Acknowledge it.
  2. Allow it.
  3. Choose to be different. Choose a shake-yourself-out-of-it activity.
  4. Ask: What can I create today to make more money right away?
  5. Get to work.

"What can I create today to have more money right away?"

~ Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness

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