Angst to Ease & my 4th favorite money tool!

We're getting into the top tools!!

In my 9 favorite money tools/conversations, this is #4.

I see most people skip this one and don't use it as a tool.

But this is the one that has allowed me to 6 times my income on repeat.

Number four: Clarity.

If you don't know how much money you need to live, you can't ask for and choose what it will take to have it.

And it's as simple as that.

In 2022, the business and I took a big loan.

We had dreams of building and funding a project that was supposed to do a thing - that we didn't do.

And this loan had a short term and a big payment.

For the first few months it was okay as we paid the monthly payment with the chunk of principle.

We coasted.

But as that principle dwindled and it got real, I could feel my head go deeper into the sand and my stress level rise.

I knew and I didn't want to know.

I did not want to look at what would be required of me to step up and pay that fucker off.

Until the night I couldn't sleep.

Eyes wide open and my head spinning, I laid there trying to head trip my way into a solution, until stressed and pissed that I had let it get this far, I whipped myself out of bed and got to work.

Pen to paper, laptop open and eyes & ears willing to see & hear -

I got clear.

We were losing incredible ground.

It hurt to see it.

But if I kept going the way we were going, not only were we not going to pay the loan, but that fucker was going to tank us. We weren't bringing in enough income to support the system I insisted on keeping.

I let it soak in.

I turned over every single possibility that I could see.

I stayed with it and forced myself to know what was required.

And it finally popped.

I instantly knew what I needed to choose for us to stay afloat.

Uncomfortable but determined, I made some of the most drastic changes to the business I had ever made that night.

And over the next 6 months, we did it.

Clarity is not always comfortable.

Many times you end up getting a finer point on what you knew all along. Other times, it turns out not to be as bad as you thought and it's easy to handle.

But clarity always provides you with the information on which you can act - and ask.

Angst comes from living without the information. Ease comes from having it.

And from there, you create.

Three more sleeps until we dive deep.

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Big "fuck yea" hugs,


"Money is the gasoline you need to get your engine going. Most people have no idea how much money they need to generate."

~ Gary Douglas

Founder of Access Consciousness

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