Angst to Ease & my 6th favorite money tool!

Number six: Having money.

When you don't have money, you tend to focus on getting more. You are generally focused on, "I don't have enough money."

I can attest to this.

In 2020, Andres and I chose to move our whole life in Canada - to Panama.

It was the "end" of the pandemic, vaccine mandates were starting to roll out, I wanted a more tax-advantageous scenario for both of us, his daughter really didn't want much of him and had two other families... we were both like: shall we?

It was a lot.

The choice was mostly my idea. For the most part, even with all the other things, I was attempting to move us up the financial ladder. Set us up for an even more brilliant financial future.

I had been very diligent with money for the 3 years prior to that and had the most I'd ever had so far. The business was doing really well: I was peaking.

And he was open.

Panama started out fun. We were elated. A little stressed from selling everything we owned and leaving the familiar behind but we were basically on top of the world.

I spent money for us like it was never going to run out.

The problem was, moving down there brought up what I can call now - the demons. All of our, my, hidden "stuff".

Andres and I hit the roughest patch of our relationship and life so far.

Our fights were loud and intense. We packed our bags and broke up with eachother at least 6 times.

I spent hours of every day, trying to use the tools, weeping and laying on the cold marble floor trying to get me back.

I bought private sessions to get somewhere inside of me.

I threw tools around just to try to get my sanity back.

I started Wim Hof breathing and meditating just to find some semblance of normalcy again.

It was a confident certified facilitator's nightmare.

My body was changing, the hot flashes were more than I had ever had to handle, our life had just changed more dramatically than I had expected, and I felt more alone and more crazy than I ever had.

Sobering was an understatement.

Up to that point, most of my confidence had come from my intense ability with the Access tools, the subsequent financial reward, and the adoration I felt from my partner.

With our new set of stressors, inputs and changes - all of that came crashing down.

I stopped almost everything.

And my income went down by over 100,000 in one year.

The only two things that kept us floating for that next period of time were our tenancity to never give up and never quit - and all the financial choices I'd made up until that moment. We lived off my past brilliance.

In Access, we call this your 10% account.

The world calls this your emergency fund.

I don't care what you call it: this account changes your life game forever.

Call it "I could live without income for 6 whole months if I chose" account.

Or "I could move to Latin America and lose my fucking mind and function at 10% and still make a little money but not die in the process while I find my feet again" fund.

Because - life happens.

And you deserve to have the whole life, change ride without having to be a slave to money.

Having six months of expenses saved is a game-changer. And you do it by setting aside 10% of every single dollar that comes into your world - and not touching it.

How do you move yourself from angst - to ease?

Have money.

Starting next Wednesday, we will explore where you can start.

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Big "it's a new day" hugs,


"If you want to change your financial condition, you have to become willing to have money. A very important action you need to take is set aside enough savings so you can function in your life for six months without any income."

~ Right Riches for You

by Access Consciousness co-creators Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer

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