Angst to Ease & my 7th favorite money tool!

Number seven: Generating money.

They teach us to create.

Creation requires the destruction of something to create something new.

If I look backwards in my life, I can see where I lived that out.

Not happy in a relationship? Tear that one down and get another. Not happy in a job? Quit immediately and find a better, happy-making job. Etc.

I was not taught to generate.

Generation is easier.

It allows everything you've created so far to be there. You can get the energy of what you would like to have and pull it into your world.

An easy way to generate something new?

Pull energy.

Get the energy of what you'd like to have as your life. And pull all the energy of the universe into it.

Do that on repeat for 90 days: your life will change. Do that every 3 days after that to remember the sensation of that energy. Only follow things that feel like that.

Pulling energy is how we lead ourselves places we have no idea where to go. It's how we create the life we can't see.

Energy pulls are from this generation conversation.

Everything great in my life has come from getting the energy first and pulling it into my world.

Angst energies pull more of themselves.

Ease energies pull in more of themselves.

How do you move yourself from angst - to ease?

The money question! 

Starting next Wednesday, we will explore.

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"If you are willing to have and be the energy of what you'd like to have your life be, you will generate the money to make it show up."

~ Right Riches for You

by Access Consciousness co-creators Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer

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