Angst to Ease & my 5th favorite money tool!

This is my 5th favorite money tool.

It doesn't seem like a money tool. But in this series my 9 favorite money tools/conversations, it's essential.

It's something I remind myself of every time I step up.

Number five: Fear is not real.

Fear has been popping up for me more than usual.

I've been going through a change.

In the last 10 years of actively pursuing (and finding more) consciousness, there have been many of these changes.

I know change.

But this change has been different.

In the world they call this perimenopause.

That's helpful to know in the moments you think you're going crazy or burning out or losing all your joy. Other women's wisdom who have gone before you becomes a lifeline as you navigate a changing brain and body.

Your body is physically changing in a way it never has in this lifetime yet.

In this metamorphosis, I have been more internal than I have ever been in my life so far. I've wanted to retreat to a mountaintop, get a dog and write books. I've wanted to quit business'ing, buy a laundromat and let the coins roll in.

Poor Andres has thought I'm sick. 

I am also an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur who's built her business on showing up and being vibrant and engaged, leading us all forward into all the fun consciousness things.

I have not felt vibrant or fun or leaderish.

A different possibility is required.

Why do I tell you all of this?

Because you change. Life changes. Different things are needed to work with those changes.

And at that moment - where you know your life needs you in a different way, and you've never done that way before and it's time to leap and choose it anyway, even though you have no reference points for anything beyond where you've been so far -

- and you've certainly never been this person before -

it's easy to feel - fear.

Fear will send you down the rabbit hole of "What if this doesn't work?" "What if nobody buys my art?" "What if I put all my work out in the world and nobody cares about it like I do?"

And if you pause and entertain those thoughts, you will stop.

To be the power of change that you are and create the transformation in the world that only you can - you have to remember that fear is not real. And that right underneath it is potency.

You've never been this you before - but you are you.

You are the gift.

No matter what shape you're in.

Angst is the belief that something is wrong. Ease is the knowledge that things are just different.

And from here, you create.

Starting next Wednesday, we will explore you more.

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Big "mountaintop" hugs,


"Money comes as a result of being willing to be the power of change and transformation in the world."

~ Gary Douglas
Founder of Access Consciousness

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