Angst to Ease & my 2nd favorite money tool!

It's been weird since the pandemic. 

Which is how, in the mix of my 9 favorite money tools/conversations this tool landed at #2.

Of necessity, it rose to the top.

Number two: Pivot.

It was January 2020.

Business was getting weird.

Nothing was moving.

The ocean where I'd been fishing pleasurably for years seemed to, overnight, dry up and pull back in a perpetual tide.

No matter what I changed or chose, things were different.

And one month after I returned from South Africa, we got the news.

Covid. Lockdown.

I remember sitting stunned in the living room as we watched the TV.

What was this going to mean for our lives? What did I need to do?

It was incredibly weird but after a few days looking at each other like stunned mullets, we shimmied back into daily life, assuming it would be short term.

And then it just kept going.

I've never made so many price and idea pivots in my life.

However, over the two years of lockdown, with my willingness to stay on my toes and act quickly, the business grew.

So much so that the growth seemed like it would never end, and we moved to Latin America.

And then a) I lost my mind and b) the world went back to work.

The next 2 years were completely different.

Income went down. Way down. Inspiration seemed to be taking a permanent vacation, and no matter what I did, I couldn't find the juice. The joy.

The Big 5 came out and I used those tools and things got easier.

But things also stayed different.

Which brings me to today, from the middle of huge pivot #82.

This one is big.

This one is coming from what I want my life to be like for the next 10 years and the demand that we grow consistently even if it means finding new waters.

Some pivots are quick turns. Firing your fast twitch fibers so that you can easily skate ahead of everyone else who is shocked by what is coming.

Other pivots are like turning the Titanic - slow-moving but essential to the long term course and destination. 

Without presence and the willingness to live on quicksand, there is certain death.

Think Kodak. Blockbuster. Blackberry.

Nature evolves when things change.

Humans try to keep everything the same.

However, change is our constant.

If your life (or money) isn't really working, what pivot can you make?

Angst comes from trying to get the same thing to work. Ease comes from choosing something different.

What would it take to be willing to be a perpetual innovator?

And pivot?

Big "who am I today?" hugs,


The 5 day challenge starts tomorrow! 


"A pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision."  ~ Eric Ries

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