Choosing from Energy 101

Have you ever heard of solar energy? Kinetic energy? Renewable energy?  

Have you ever heard of 'following the energy'? What is that? Why would you do that? What would it give you to incorporate what energy actually does?  In your everyday life and choices?
What do you base your choices on?
Do they have to 'make sense'? Be logical?
Do you base it on them feeling good? Or not feeling good?
Do you decide based on what something is called? Or not called? And whether or not what it's called matches where you're going?
When something doesn't match any of that, do you go into conclusion? Confusion? Or something else?
I've had about 5 different conversations this last week with people, including Andres, about different choices they would make or not make, and it hit me:
We have not been educated about getting a sense of what a choice will create energetically, and choosing from that. We have been inundated with information and practice on choosing from the logic of something. Logic has nothing to do with energy!

What is choosing from energy?

How do you get access to the magical life where everything shows up as if by magic, and ease, joy and glory are yours? How do you exit the reality of rightness and judgment and competition and gain access to the kingdom of total awareness and freedom where you truly get to be?
What does it take for ease with all choice, including the ones everyone tells you should be hard? Where does true happiness lie: in the rightness that everyone else tells you is required? Or in a universe of your own choosing where all choices are subject to the awareness you have of the future they will create?
Everything we were taught about choice came from the world of rightness.
"Choose the things that make you a good person, a righteous person, a pious person, a person inline with their religion of choice, family of choice, culture and society of birth." Simply stated, we were taught to judge whether a choice was right or wrong. Whether or not it 'fit' with the people around us, the things we were told were the most important things to not lose that we could lose should we choose incorrectly.
As we got older, many of us used the resistance needed to exit our family culture, and began creating our own culture, developing a muscle of choosing based on preference: this choice felt better than that one, and for awhile, for many of us, preference became our favorite tool.
And then some of us got here, to Access Consciousness, where choice was spoken about on all fronts and for things we didn't even know choice could apply (ease, money, being). The question of 'what will my life be like in 5 years if I choose this," was introduced and a whole different universe was born.
Choosing from the awareness of what a choice will create is not only new, it is completely other. It is an invitation to conscious creation of living that simply doesn't exist in the world. There is no education anywhere that any of us received that prepared us for it, and it is wholly a self-education process that can only be learned while living.
Choice creates awareness. Without it, no awareness comes. And with more choice comes more of a working knowledge of how it works, for you, and how you can better choose to create even greater futures than you thought were possible.
In living, you will constantly be faced with choices that you 'don't know' about in regards to whether or not they're right or wrong. In this reality, that is an invitation to go immediately to doubt or stress or worry or trying to find out stuff from your friends in an effort to obtain enough logic to justify a particular choice. The only choices you have in that structure are phone a friend, get some more clues or choose blindly and risk your prize.
The truth is that you CAN know if a choice will create more. Not HOW it will create more, but THAT it will. And you can trust yourself TO know. A point of view that in this reality is considered blasphemous.
And so most of us give up trusting ourselves in favor of making choices that we know other people will like or won't be threatened by. We give up the choices that would truly create something greater in favor of comfort and not-rocking-the-boat. In actuality, we give up being ourselves. Knowing. Being. Perceiving. Receiving. And having the reality and living that only we can have, that we won't have because we make the risk of losing so much more real.
The thing you have to ask yourself is: What is the world you want to start to create for yourself? What will you start to choose to have whether anyone around you likes it or not? What's the reality that's going to include you? Allow you to be you?
Is that a world you're interested in having?

Educating yourself on choosing from energy.

Educating yourself on 'how' your awareness can work is essential to begin to unlock this world for you.

When you start to choose based on the energy, you will first fuck it up (from your point of view)! You will not listen to yourself, you will choose things without asking any questions, you'll choose things that don't create more, or find out after the fact that they don't. Keep going! Choice will create awareness 100% of the time.

Starting to choose from energy will have these 3  primary things to it:
  1. Recognize that all choices create something.
  2. Recognize that every choice you make is only good for 10 seconds and you can always make another one! So if you fucked it up, choose again!
  3. Begin to wonder if you're willing to know the future of the choices you make.
    Ask: What would it take be willing?

For every choice you can ask the following questions:
  1. Will this choice create a greater future? Yes or no?
  2. If I choose this, will it be rewarding? Yes or no?
  3. If I choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years? What will my life be like in 5 years if I don't? What pings?
  4. Would an infinite being truly choose this? 

TRY THIS TOOL: Make a list of the choices in front of you. Then draw 2 columns: 
1st column:  Life will be greater in 5 years if I choose this: Yes.
2nd column: Life will be less in 5 years if I choose this: No.
Take your brain off line and look at the choices and choose the column that matches the energy. What would you discover if you did this for every choice you have?
(You are invited to join the Salon de la Consciousness if you would like to know more about being an infinite being.)

Perceiving Energy:

Perceiving energy is a whole new thing to most of us. There are a few things that are important to allow into your world, when you start engaging with energy:

  1. You do perceive energy. Whether you know (yet) how that shows up for you or not. You can ask: Universe show me how I perceive energy?
  2. You can know if something will create more or less. 
  3. You do have the power to choose or not choose whatever is going to create more, even if it's not the funnest thing in the world. You do have that power.
  • Are you willing to know? If you're not, what would it take to be willing?
  • Are you willing to be whatever is required with your choices? If you're not, what would it take to be willing?
  • Are you willing to perceive the space or contraction of a choice? If you're not, what would it take to be willing?
  • Are you willing to receive all of the possibilities? If you're not, what would it take to be willing?
All these questions are so you can start to create a reality where you are choosing and allowing the universe to contribute to a greater reality for you, in a way you cannot control or define. This is not mainstream reality. This is very different! How different are you?
Knowing the energy of a choice will give you more ease, joy and glory than you can imagine. Are you willing to start to explore true ease? True glory? True joy?
True ease, joy and glory come from asking and receiving the gifts the universe has for you in ways you never considered. It's surrendering your good ideas to the fire of awareness and seeing which ones come out brighter and stronger; a fire that is as spacious as air and as easy as breathing. It's getting that this thing called living is a cooperative dance, including everything you are and everything the universe is, and the constant expansion of both parties.
It's getting that the 'what we've been told' isn't real, and the 'what you perceive' is. That validation will most likely never occur and that it isn't even required. That you are a greater source of the creation of your life and reality than anyone else around you. And that what you know is possible - is.

When you are not getting clear.

After you make a choice that will create more, a lot of points of view will come up. That you have, that the people you work with have, that your family have. Choices that create more are not necessarily comfortable. If you get stuck or can't get a sense of it you can do this:
  1. Poc and pod all of your DJCC's (decisions, judgements, computations and conclusions). Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds (Clearing Statement). Now ask the question again.
  2. Poc and pod all of your PESJR's (projections, expectations, separations, judgments and rejections). Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds (Clearing Statement). And ask the question again.
  3. Ask yourself: have I already decided what I'm going to do and am using the questions to try to get validation for it?
  4. Am I willing to ask a true question and follow what I get? Yes or no?
Some other things that could be going on, if you can't get a clear yes or no on things:
  1. You could have already decided what you're going to do. Acknowledge when this is the case. Am I willing to change that?
  2. You could be a portal. If you are a portal it's very confusing to get your awareness.
  3. You could be a multiple-occupancy hotel. This an entity thing.
  4. You could have original occupants still in there. Also an entity thing.
  5. You could be being someone else (your mom, dad, etc). 

These are all entity related things. If you'd like to know more you can book a private session, read a Blog that goes into dept around this topic, or come to a TTTE® class 

Are you willing to get access to what you know to create a greater future? You can know anything. Are you willing to know?

What you know will lead you somewhere that no one could have ever predicted for you. It will be more magical and more amazing and it will be 'how does it get better than this?' In-person and in personification.

That's how I want to live, that's what I want to have as my reality. Nobody else can deliver that reality to me. Would you like more of that? The tools in this blog will help you to start to know the energetics behind every choice you have. What will you choose next? What is it you would like to have more of? Will you follow the energy of what will create a greater future?

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