Clearing my Space of Entities

Have you ever seen a film where a ghost was really scary and the only one who could deal with it (if there was even somebody who could) was a gifted individual that had way more power than the other people in the story? Or maybe a witch?

In this blog, I will demonstrate that everybody has awareness of entities. Talking to and clearing spirits (ghosts) is not only for the 'gifted ones'. We have just shut off or negated our ability to deal with disembodied beings. Because that is what entities are; disembodies beings. We all perceive entities in different ways. We all have our unique ways of being aware of them. 

When we don't acknowledge that we are aware of entities we can start to hurt in different ways. It can show up as pain in our bodies, depression, sickness, multiple personality disorder, to name a few. 

In the spiritual world, there are a lot of points of view around spirits and spirit awareness. What if clearing entities and talking to them has nothing to do with burning sage, using chrystals or sounding chimes?

What if there was a time in history when ghosts were a part of everyday life? What if the art of spirit awareness has been lost over the centuries? And what if you allowed yourself to restore this lost art?

In the Access Consciousness Talk to the Entities® classes we give you comprehensive tools and processes to re-learn and reconnect with this lost art and start to perceive entities, to receive from entities and to know what is going on when encountering entities.

How does entity awareness show up for you?

I facilitate Talk To The Entities classes all the time. I just went through the yearly advanced and facilitators training and work with the Access Consciousness tools all the time. (You can go here for more information on TTTE Classes).

The more aware I get the more I know that what I am aware of could very well be entity activity.

How is that for you? Have you ever walked into a space and felt strange, got a chill or just felt like shit being there? Especially when this is a beautiful space it is easy to come to conclusion and make yourself wrong for feeling bad. What if you are not wrong and you are picking up on the energies in the room? What are you aware of? Could what you are aware of be related to entities?

When a space is clear of entities and of other activity it will feel bigger than it actually is. So when you walk into a space that feels small and dense you can ask a question to get more awareness.

Questions are not for getting answers, they are for getting awareness of what is truly going on!

By asking questions you can start using your skills of perceiving what is in the space with you, receiving from what is there and knowing what you can do to transform, change and transmute any energy.

You are a lot more powerful than you probably believe you are. What if there is NOTHING and NOBODY that is scarier than you?

In this blog you will practise being SCARY and NOT SCARED!

How do you get more info about the entities in your space?

The spectrum of entities runs the gamet and there is the same diversity in the spirit world as there is in the people world. Entities can be assholes, shy, loud, quiet, they can be people and non-people entities.

The first thing to do:

Put your attention on the room. Perceive what you perceive in the space that you are in. 

ASK YOURSELF: Are there any entities in this space? What do you notice after asking the question? Do you notice anything? If you notice or perceive anything, notice where you perceive it in your body?

Do you perceive it around your chest?

This is physiologically where the thymus is, which is the root and the seat of all awareness.
Through the lifetimes we have cut off our awareness of the thymus and it is possible that your entity perception is around that area of your body.

All perceiving, receiving and knowing occurs from the chin down. All thinking, figuring out, trying to do 'how' happens from the chin up. Your mind is useless when it comes to perceiving, receiving and knowing and will not help at all with communicating with entities. 

(For more on perceiving, knowing and receiving you can check out an Access Foundation Class here)

Notice what you notice, that you notice, or if you do not notice. None of that is wrong.

As a side note: When you leave a space and then return to it another day, it is possible that the space has changed. As you inhabit or be in a space, the space changes. Heavy and dense energies and feelings are actually not true and real. YOU are Energy, Space and Consciousness, even if you are buying lies and are all wrapped up in some dramatic shit.

The space that you are will affect the spaces around you. 

So every time you go back to a space, look at what is required at THAT moment.

The second thing to do:

Now that you have established that there is entity activity in the space, there are 4 things that will be required when dealing with entities:

  1. Clearing
  2. Communicating
  3. Receiving
  4. Cooperating

What questions can you ask when communicating with entities? Sometimes you don't have to ask, you will immediately get a sense of what kind of entity is in the space. But there are questions you can ask when you need more information

In the TTTE Beginning class, you get a flow chart that takes you through a thorough pathway that you can practise that will begin to develop your muscle with communicating with entities.

Here are some questions that you can ask a 'WHO' being:

  • Is this being a male or a female?
  • What does this being require (being there in that space)?
  • Do you require to communicate with someone? Yes or no?
  • Do you require to be heard? Yes or no?
  • Do you require to have something cleared? Yes or no?

After asking a question an energy will come up. You will get a sense and not words.

Entities can have PST just like people do. People die of horrendous things all the time (accidents, war, abuse). Any entity that hasn't moved on is here for a handful of reasons:

Entities can be stuck in a time and don't know how to facilitate themselves out of this moment. They can get stuck in PTSD moments or alcohol moments. They don't know that they have a choice. With every entity clearing that you do you are facilitating them to know that they have choice. The same as it would with people.

TRY THIS TOOL: All the PTSD systems, all the Trifold Sequencing Systems and everything that is holding any and all of the trauma in place in their world destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, pod, short and beyonds.

If you're new to this, yes it's weird and it's true! If you want more information on the Clearing Statement you can go here.

When you get clear on what is going on for the entity and you address it and facilitate it, this will create a lightning of the space. You can perceive that the energy is moving. The entity will get unstuck so they know they have choice.

After using this tool you can ask the following questions:

  • Is something else required? Yes or no?
  • What energy can I be for you? You can get a sense of a 'download' of everything that happened and everything that occurred for the entity. That is how entities communicate, in downloads of energy. They 'vent' in energy, not in words.
  • Truth, would you like to go and get another body now? Yes or no?

If you get a yes, that is the moment that you can go to Clearing (#1):

Truth who are you? Truth who were you before that? Truth who were you before that? Truth who were you before that? (Ask this till the energy shifts).
Truth what was your job? Truth what was your job before that? Truth what was your job before that? Truth what was your job before that? (Ask this till the energy shifts).
Truth what are you? Truth what were you before that? Truth what were you before that? Truth what were you before that? Truth what were you before that? (Ask this till the energy shifts).
Truth, who will you be in the future?
(©Talk To The Entities)

You can take all your magnetic imprinting and you can go now. Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds.

After asking these questions and doing the clearings you can sense a shift in the energy because the energy is moving. In most cases this will have cleared the entity. You changed it!

Here is another example when dealing with a 'WHAT' being: 

As with dealing with a WHO being, you can ask the following questions to establish what is required:

  1. Clearing 
  2. Communicating
  3. Receiving 
  4. Cooperating

When you get that the tool that is required is receiving (#3) it is so much easier than we want to know.

How often are WHAT-entities received through all lifetimes? Or WHO-entities for that matter! How many WHAT-beings have been persecuted and destroyed? How many times through all lifetimes were you persecuted and destroyed for the difference that you are?

USE THIS TOOL: How many of the oaths, vows, fealties and commealties and commitments did you make to never being that difference again, so you would never get destroyed again? Everything that is times a godzillion will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds.

When it comes to receiving (#3) entities you can do this:

  • Tap into the being you have in front of you.
  • lower your barriers, including thinking, which is a control barrier. Push your head out when you are doing any thinking. Lower any barriers you may have up to the weirdness of this, the difference of this.
  • You can close your eyes if you want to and feel your feet on the floor.
  • Simply allow this being to be and receive everything that it is and has to say.

We will all perceive something different when receiving.

The more you say yes to your abilities with entities, they will show up more for facilitation and whatever they require. 

Did you know that receiving somebody is a facilitation? Did you know that none of us were received as beings, and then we decided that we were wrong because we were never received?

You can keep tapping in to check if the receiving is still going or it has stopped. Is it still going? Has it stopped? 

The questions you can ask after that are:

  • Does this being require to be cleared? Yes or no?
  • Does this being desire to contribute? Yes or no?

When a being desires to contribute: LET  THEM! What would it take to be willing to receive all the beings around you that desire to contribute to you? That support you with their presence and their energy? Everything that doesn't allow that times a godzillion will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, poc, pod, shorts, boys and beyonds.

Now you can put your attention on the rest of the space and tune into any other entities that would like to be cleared? 

ASK THIS: Are there any more entities in here that would like to be cleared? Yes or no?

If yes, USE THIS TOOL: Truth, who are you, truth who were you before that, truth who were you before that, truth who were you before that, truth who were you before that (until you feel the energy shift).
Truth what was your job, truth what was your job before that, truth what was your job before that, truth what was your job before that, truth what was your job before that? (until you feel the energy shift).
Truth who will you be in the future? 
(©Talk To The Entities)

Please take all your magnetic imprinting and you guys can go now. Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds.

More tools you can use after clearing all the entities in a space:

  • Truth are there any demons present? Yes or no?

To clear demons: Go back to from whence you came never to return to me, my body and this building, this city or this reality ever again. Go back to from whence you came never to return to me, my body and this building, this city or this reality ever again. Everything that is times a godzillion; Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9,pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds.(©Talk To The Entities)

  • You can clear all the projections, expectations, separations, judgements and rejections that the space is holding: Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds.
  • All the molecules in the building and in the space that have not been allowed to be what they can truly be destroy and uncreate all that? Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds.
  • Anything that doesn't allow this space to know how grateful we are for it and anything in our world that doesn't allow us to receive how grateful the space is for us, destroy and uncreate all that? Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds.
  • What energy, space, consciousness and choice can me and my body be to be a beyond this reality gift and to receive beyond this reality with total ease? everything that doesn't allow it, right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, pod, poc, shorts, boys and beyonds.


Will you be the gift that changes, shifts and transforms any energy?

You, by being willing to know, perceive and receive that entities exist, become the gift that very few are willing to be. And you can change things! You can change energies all the time. with people, in spaces, in cities.

So what would it take to never be at the effect of any energy? 

What if it's ok to do some work in a space, to make it easy on your body to be there? To affect a space or energy instead of being at the effect of it? What if you can change anything? Not to get rid of it, but from the point of view that it is not going to work for you to live in a world that is heavy. So what do you need to be aware of to create the reality that works for you?

To have Energy, Space and Consciousness as your reality you have to include entities in your reality because they exist. There are more disembodies beings on the planet than there are embodied beings. What if you get to know this as information and never be at the effect of it. You get to transform it, transmute it by having access to the tools to do that.

Entity awareness symptoms show up when you do not acknowledge that you are aware of entities. symptoms like moods, foggy eyesight, body pain, skin conditions, feeling suicidal, depressed, acute conditions, chronic auto immune diseases can all be entity awareness sicknesses. When we negate entity awareness we create psychic sickness.

With this blog, my show and everything about this work my target is to make this conversation visible. 

You cannot get haunted for witchcraft anymore, you get to be as different as you are and you never have to be at the effect of anything!

If you are currently at the effect and would like to change that or you are aware that adding the art of spirit work would make your life greater you are very welcome to come to one of my TTTE classes® 

What energy, space and consciousness can we and our bodies be to shift, change, transform and transmute all energies with ease?

What is next?

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