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Are you kind? An asshole? Angry? Depressed? All of it?

Do you stifle & suppress your joy? Do you tend to be attracted to angry people and yet when you're with them, re...

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A live reading of the How to Become Money Workbook!

This started out as a personal desire to read through the workbook so that I could have a recording, and turned into ...

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What Do You Do When Things Won't Clear!

What do you do when you have something that you would like to change, but it just won't change?!   What if the ...

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Would you like the keys to unlocking money?

Do you recognize yourself in any of these questions? "I actualize just about everything and more that I desire ... e...

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Doubt is what you do to stop you

In fact, anything that stops you is a distraction. You as an infinite being can be stopped how? You can't. ~ Gary ...

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Would 21 Days of pulling money into your world - change it?

People are talking about the pulls... Wow....soooo many brand new clients showing up weekly since i started these pu...

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what would it be like to practice asking?

 What if you changed 'just' that? You're invited to 30 full days of committing to you - committing to pull and ...

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When you project and expect, you can't have money.

How many of you have the projection & the expectation that you need to make money?  Not that you would like...

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Is it time to get clear of the sh*t keeping you from money?

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What would it take to choose more financial consciousness?

Did you choose to be on the free live call of How To Become Money Workbook? This is the followup call that Christel d...

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Only you know.

If there is no formula for what you are capable of creating, then what are the factors that create a multi-figure onl...

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Hey - would it be more fun to enjoy being in your skin?

What would it be like to finally stop judging it? To work with it to change? To allow it to contribute?  ...

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