You're invited to daily online energy pull exercise class
to radically transform everything about your life.


This class is for you if

You get that things can be easier.

Instituting anything in the world requires action; but are you leaving out the energetics that would allow things to come to you with ease?

You want to use your energetic powers.

You know how to do stuff. 
Are you engaging with the world energetically in a way that would let them find you?

You're ready to create a different reality.

You know that money can be easy.  Business can come to you.  You can be aware of what's next without effort.  And it's time to have all of that.

Here is Day 1 and you get to try it out...


A love note from Christel.

I spent most of my life being totally unaware that I had energetic capacities.  Access Consciousness was the first place I even heard the conversation.  So, when I heard Gary Douglas say: "How do you create your business?  Pull energy for 90 days!" 
I did.  And holy shit.  More money than ever.  Business eplosion.  And a presence with me & the world that I'd never had before. 

So, it's time to do it again, and I'd like to invite you.

The creation of your life is based on the energy you create;
not based on the conclusions and decisions you come to.

You just have to ask, and be willing to receive.

"Pull energy for 90 days and watch your life change."

~ Gary Douglas

30 Days



Starting, Saturday March 16, 
daily at 10:00am EST

Private Facebook group

30 daily energy pulls

30 Audio recordings

30 Video recordings

New Reality


90 Days



Starting, Saturday March 16, 
daily at 10:00am EST

Private Facebook group

90 daily energy pulls

90 Audio recordings

90 Video recordings

New Reality x 3





Starting, Saturday March 16, 
daily at 10:00am EST

Private Facebook group

60 daily energy pulls

60 Audio recordings

60 Video recordings

New Reality x 2


What's different about energy pulls with Christel?

Check out a few pulls here!

What people say changed the most for them, doing the pulls!

"More awareness, more courage in my choices, more trust in the universe that it has my back."

Jennifer Alexander
Class Participant

"I just naturally have more ease in life and the ability to expand and just BE. Instead of automatically going into stress, I can easily choose to be an observer and be aware of what is happening without a need to fight or to be emotionally involved. I have more choice."

Cynthia Makris
Class Participant

""My willingness to ask and receive. My awareness that I can pull energy anytime/anywhere. The ease with which I do those things.""

Heather Lapp
Class Participant

"My presence with me, receiving, what expanding can change in your world, making choices."

Eva Mosshammer
Class Participant

""Knowing when I am not receiving from everything; knowing how to receive from every molecule; allowing everything to contribute.""

Kim Coleman
Class Participant

""The ease I am allowing into my life. The asking for what I desire. The energies of what I desire, and the allowing and inviting of the asking." "

Laurie Larson
Class Participant

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WE HAVE ALREADY STARTED.... YES! You can still join us, you won't miss a beat!

You will get all of the replays :)

WE WILL MEET EVERY MORNING AT: 10:00 AM EST <-------click for your time

YOU WILL RECEIVE: live morning energy pulls | video recordings  | audio recordings


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