Ed 3: Stimulating Change In Your Finances

Let's talk about 'stuck' and 'can't'. 🥸 Dying or flying. 

In the first blog of this series we looked at really looking at stuff you're 'making work' and stuff that really works for you. You can read it here.

And in the second one, I addressed the fact that we very likely learned what we're choosing now with money. Check it out.

But yesterday, someone on the Money Membership call yesterday asked me, "How do you get creative when you feel stuck and like you can't?"

And it got me really looking at what was different about me in this regard. 

I heard myself say: "I've created my life in a way that doesn't leave space for that choice. I don't give myself 'can't' as a fallback position anymore." It's this crazy, locata willingness I've always had to stretch myself beyond what I've done before and see if I die. 

For me, there's basically 4 distinct parts of my own personal money game.

  1. Pre-Access, where I did what I knew, to have the money that sustained basic life.
  2. Post- Access, where I discovered I wanted to live a totally different life and started stretching in all directions to have it. 
  3. Mid-Access, where I realized I was still doing struggle, even though I was making more money, and I changed where I was functioning from forever.
  4. Now, where I'm constantly looking at what else I can add to my life to stay engaged in living.

Essentially, from the moment I started creating more money, I was engaged in creating living in way I never had before, choosing things that I had no idea how to do. And now, to keep myself stimulated, I get to keep adding to my life in ways that 'scare' me, and I use that energy to not let myself fail. 

The thing about money is you have to look at you and who you are and what kinds of things you need in order to stay engaged, and start choosing things that fling you out of your comfort zone.

Money is the game of engagement in living. 

Here's my personal recipe for shaking myself (and money) up 👇

  1. Take away anything comfortable. (Places to live, relationships, habits, patterns, no-choice-stuff.)
  2. Start choosing things that stretch or grow you. Things you're not sure you can do. (Move out, move up, book a trip, a class, a private coach, get rid of all your clothes or furniture, comfort stuff.)
  3. Don't let yourself fail.

We think we're afraid of dying. At least that's mostly what we tell ourselves. And the truth is things do die in the process of more. 

  • where we stop ourselves regarding what other people think of us
  • the unwillingness that we use to not choose new things
  • our own refusal to be embarrassed or feel stupid

All of that dies as we leap and soar and find out what we're capable of. But for us to have something new, our old reality has to die. And for the last 7 years, I've made a practice out of sacrificing what was in favor of what I can choose now. 

For me, there's no other way to live. 

What is 'living' for you? And what if you gave up the fear of dying, threw yourself off the cliff and built a rocket on the way down? 

That knowledge you gain as you choose in this way will strengthen you in the game of money more than any other thing.

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