Ed 2: Stimulating Change In Your Finances

Let's talk about learning 😁

Because when it comes to stimulating change in your finances, you can't get there without acknowledging. 

What did you learn about money? And from who?

I was born to a 21 year old girl who had just married the guy who got her pregnant. The three of us had no money, and so we lived in a green trailer in a trailer park just outside of Kansas City.  His income was low and hers practically non-existent, and after me, the babies kept coming.

I learned that money is scarce, and that you never know if it's going to come again. When you need more, force the people around you to take care of you. And when you have almost none, survive.

I came into this game a master-survivor. 

And so even as my income increased, it was always gone and I never knew exactly where it went. 

See, in survival, you can't be aware. You can't be powerful. And struggle is the only thing you can choose.

Survival is what I learned.

And five years into Access Consciousness, I had to acknowledge it for what it was and really look at (remember blog #1) whether or not it was what I wanted to keep creating. 

And that was the part my mom left out:

that survival was something you created, just like thrival was something you could create. 

"You have to give up survival as a point of view." ~ Gary Douglas

My second most favorite-ever tool to stimulate change in any financial reality: giving up survival as a point of view.

  • What did you grow up learning?
  • What were you educated on?
  • What education have you been perpetrating on yourself as if it's true for you and what can you teach yourself that's different?

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