Ed 1: Stimulating Change In Your Finances

Changing your financial situation can seem daunting at first.

I get it, because I've been there, and yes, yes it was. Daunting. 

However changing anything just starts with something. 

A new choice, and then another one, and then another one and then a continual stream of other ones, and 'all of sudden' you have a new reality. 

Except it wasn't sudden. It was cultivated and chosen, by you. Choice by choice. 

There are so many different tools in Access Consciousness for changing money. They are the ones I've used to get here and the ones I'm using to have more. 

But there are a few that seem to be my go-to's that I want to share with you in this little blog series, and it starts in the VIP lounge for one of our favorite airlines.

Because. here we are, waiting on our next flight. 

We upgraded this leg of the flight. Because for the long leg of our flight (to get here) we flew economy. 

This may not sound like a big deal to you, but let me elaborate. 😂

Economy meant that we were in the herd with everyone else. We were dependant on about 500 other people and their sense of organization and timing to be able to get into our seat (and checking in, and security, and and and) and then for the flight, we were sandwiched between the window and another person for 10 hours.

First Class means short tiny lines (if any), boarding first, receiving beverages - and space - while everyone else is fighting to be part of the group sandwich. And for long flights, it means having your own little pod where you can stretch, work, sleep.... basically, whatever you want. 

Private travel is even better than that. 

I had 10 whole hours to muse on 'why I didn't choose first class' and enough angst and irritation in my world to make the demand that 'never again'. 

3-4 years back I remember saying to myself that 'economy was fine'. As long as I got to where I was going, I was succeeding. And the possibility of First Class died a quiet death. 

But thank god choice creates awareness.

My body was so uncomfortable. And so was Andres'. And I realized how much I had been 'making it all work', instead of looking at what really does.

There is a clarity and a subsequent willingness that comes from getting brutally honest with yourself about what you're 'making work' and tolerating and what really works. 

And honestly, his is my number one how-to-change-your-financial-reality tool. The thing I've used to catapult my financial reality beyond what I think I can choose.

If I really choose what creates ease for my body and my life, my body will get to show me and I will get to be the source of something beautiful, for me, for my body, for the world. 

That's how it works when you step up to what will truly work for you: everyone gets to benefit.

And so today, I'd invite you to look at what you're 'making work'. 

And really start to wonder what truly does. 

And then look at what it would take to be willing to be the source of a totally different financial reality for you.

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