S3 E16 Profiting relentlessly!! And other things we avoid TO BE NICE.


I watched some videos this morning from a guy named Grant Cardones. In about 30 minutes I got the biggest download of what we ,as the healers of the world are avoiding, THAT IS KEEPING BUSINESS AND MONEY OUT OF OUR WORLDS.

YES. It's an all-caps awareness.

Are you trying to be nice instead of having money?

I asked a bunch of you in the Relentless Profit Awareness Challenge group for your questions about business and money for today's show, and they all revolve around THIS.

It's time for the nice to stop and the well-being to begin.

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S3 E12 Being Irrational Insane And all the fun things we avoid so people don't leave us!


I just changed ALL my plans in the last 48 hours, something I NEVER would have done before because I would have been worried. About what they would think, what that meant about me, how people would feel. I would have felt guilty, overwhelmed, bad... And today, I just woke up HAPPY. Do you keep yourself from being as irrational as you are so that people don't leave you? What's beyond that? What’s truly possible?

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S3 E11 'Be Effing Phenomenal' with Wesley Pullen


It is my greatest desire that we know that we have the choice to be phenomenal. Is that you? Would you like to join my friend Wes and I for a conversation about that today? What’s truly possible?

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S3 E10 Doubt. My Favorite Antidotes



I'm in Italy melting everything at a Beings of Light class with Shannon O'Hara. And so tonight, you'll be out with me by the pool at my beautiful villa. What if you never had to doubt you? What would you have to receive about you for that to be? What’s truly possible?

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S3 E8 What would you REALLY like to have as your life?? 😁 ... are you including that?



This week on The Christel Crawford Show, we're gonna get into something interesting. And TOTALLY related to business. Every.single.time, when people are struggling with money - even when revenue has increased in their business - I discover the same thing. They have not gotten clear on what it takes financially, to live the way they want to live. So, MY question is: Are you being honest with yourself about what you'd really like to have as your life? And, are you including YOU in that?  

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S3 E7 What happens when you give up your story? And just choose again? And again?



Did you know I do a live show every week??! HA And this week, my friend Virginie and I are taking over and presenting the FIRST & SECOND challenges in our 10 LIfe Altering Challenges series... LIVE ON FACEBOOK! What happens when you give up your story? And just choose again? And again? And again? Hmmmmmmm. This might be good. 

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S2 E44 My Fave Tools for creating money for foundation class!

What is Foundation?

What will it do for you?

How will it change your business?

Why go??!

I have a chat with you about using my fave tools for creating money for foundation class and whats stopping you and how you can also choose to do it anyway!

Click here to see my upcoming Live classes 

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S02 E43 - What if you were in the business of business?


It's officially business-time over here at Christel Crawford CF. 

This next month, we're rolling out a 5-day business challenge, a 7-month business program, a VIP coaching program and a 3 call series with Alba Molteni and I about Global Business in English and Spanish.


And on this end, you may have noticed it's something I'm always creating and expanding.

It's kind of my favorite thing.

Is your business a hobby, or something you're always generating and creating?  And what would you have to be willing to institute so that it could grow?



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S02 E42 - What are you making real that may not be?! 🤨

Wow. What a weekend. I spent the entire weekend in a network marketing conference with about 1500 people.

And the entire thing was created to train us, and hopefully, excite us enough to start building!!

But what I noticed, that I'm pretty sure no one else saw, is that most everyone walked out of that room heavy.

You could look through the room and see that 'raising people's level of belief' didn't do anything for changing what they'd made so much more real about themselves.

Most of us have made it real that we can't. We've totally cut off awareness of what's right about us and powerful about us. So, we avoid, judge ourselves, go into conflict, angst...

And we get to be abused by ourselves and other people, non-stop!!

DANG! Haha!


P.S. You can join Making The Real Unreal call here

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