The Top Things to Get About Consciousness (and how I apply them)


It doesn't matter how long you've been playing with consciousness: you get new things all the time. In fact, what ends up happening is you start to really GET the first things you ever learned.

It's taken me eight years to really start to get that nothing is mine. And it still blows my mind, daily.

And there are 6 other things that if you get them will transform you. 

Living the tools of Consciousness.

Does it really take years of therapy to change something? Or something else?

Consciousness opens the doors to all healing. ~ Shannon O'Hara. Consciousness opens all doors to all things, most especially to what is and the subsequent bevy of choices that follow.

I remember so distinctly my first Access Bars session. Thankfully, the facilitator who ran my Bars didn't just run my Bars. I had SO many questions, and she used ALL her tools. She was touching my head and processing me with the verbal Access tools for 90 full minutes. It b l e w my mind and made me what felt like 10,000 pounds lighter.

Then 3 months later, at my first Foundation class, on day one - when every point of view and her brother was being poc and podded (The Clearing Statement) away and I got it: that in 30 seconds you could clear and change what had taken YEARS of therapy before - I was sold forever.

"You mean you just cleared what took me 20 years of feelings and therapy before?!?!"

Eight years later, 120+ Access classes, countless hours of clearing loops and tool use and classes facilitated later: I am so grateful.

There are 3 things you gotta get about you:

  1. There is nothing you can't change if you're willing. The caveats are; you can't change other people, you can't change your family, you can't change anybody else, but you can change something about you! So if you knew you could change anything in your life, what would it be?
  2.  You are powerful and creative! It's what got you here, through all the coping, scrapping your way and surviving. What does it take to get access to the tools to have the change you are looking for?
  3.  You are stronger than you want to know. You can change anything you want to, if you are willing. Even if it feels like it will kill you!

Having said that I will take you through my personal top 7 things about consciousness and awareness that if you get, will transform your life. These tools are from The Foundation Class.

#1. Consciousness supports you in everything you choose.

It will support the conscious choices or the unconscious choices! Whatever you want you can ask for. No ask is too small or too big or irrelevant. 

What haven't you chosen yet or asked for?

What could you ask for that would allow consciousness to support you in a different way?

#2. Nothing is yours. And I do mean, nothing.

What if 98% of all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions aren't even yours?

The tool to start to play with when you're exploring this as a possibility is this: For 3 whole days, ask of everything: Who do you belong to? returning to sender with consciousness attached anything you discover isn't yours. (You can go here for a 3 day guided 'Who does it belong to?' challenge with me.).

I love this because it gentles you into a different possibility. I mean, when I first heard this, I was absolutely mind-blown. I had just spent the last 37 years sad and mad and twisted up into emotional knots, trying to fix them. If absolutely nothing was mine, what had I been doing?! How had I been spending my time and on what and for what reason?! I remember the moment. It was staggering.

But it continues to be staggering 8 years later, when on an evening being with a partner who's been out all day, I'm either going to be reactive to everything I'm picking up off of him, or I'm going to ask each energy if it's mine and once again, none of it is.

Oh, and energies can 'come home' with someone. (what?!)

#3. You're aware.

Now, of course, this goes hand in hand with number two, because if nothing is yours and there is still 'stuff' in your world, then something is going on.

Yes. It's called awareness.

We were schooled in everything BUT awareness. I took Geometry 3 times because the 2 times before the third, I just couldn't make it stick. Had I been sent to awareness school I wonder how well I would have done.

NO ONE teaches you about awareness. Perceiving. Receiving. Being. Knowing. The senses that go beyond the five that we absolutely have and are working actively that we are mostly at the affect of because of zero education.

So, to really GET that you're aware, refer to the tool at point number two.

Practice being aware. Play with that tool as if you are and start to discover how many things you actually ARE aware of. 

#4. What is heavy is never true. Ever.

And last night, after 8 years with the tools, I had to take myself 'back' to this incredible basic. What light is true: what is heavy is a lie.

I spent YEARS of my life trying to fix/figure out heavy energies instead of just acknowledging them as heavy and moving on. I would get involved.

And now, when I do that, I get to acknowledge something different: that I'm enjoying getting wrapped up in heavy energies. That I'm using them to distract myself from creating a different reality, from being so different that no one, not even me, recognizes me.

Heavy energies can just be acknowledged as heavy and then you can move on. And anything that sends you into a spin or a loop is heavy. Not true. Not real.

What am I making real and true that isn't?

Say the thing you're spinning in. Ask yourself if it's light. If it gives you a greater sense of space and expansion, and when you notice it does not.... then wonder what's really true?

#5. You're a different kind of being.

Yes. There are essentially two kinds: humans and humanoids. And the primary difference is in the way they judge. Humans judge others; humanoids judge themselves.

There are SO many other distinctions: humanoids get bored easily, need 100 things going on all the time, are usually labeled ADD or ADHD or anything else, quit things and start new things all the time, discover what they like by identifying what they don't like, are many times depressed and suicidal, are insanely creative and think they're not, etc etc etc.

You're different.

The only thing you've been shown is how to be a human. But if you're actually a monkey who's only been taught how to be a whale but isn't a whale........ what does it take to discover what it is to truly be a monkey?


So, one of things you could start to explore is: What's true for me that isn't true for anyone else?  

#6. You have a capacity for choice & change that no one else recognizes.

Pivoting is easy for you. Change is your middle name. Living on quicksand is basically what you've done your whole life.

Sure, you've judged yourself for it. You've been called flaky and irresponsible and a myriad of other things. You've wished for most of your life to be like everyone else while knowing deep down that you can never be.

But at the end of the day, you recognize when something needs to shift or you get inspired: and you move.

So, ask this: What's right about me I'm not getting?

#7. You're powerful.

For most of your life, you've used this power against you. Creating shitty money situations; choosing people that are short term when what you thought you wanted was long; judging yourself incessantly for every little thing; spending days, weeks and sometimes months depressed and sad or angry.

There are so many ways you've been powerful that have trapped you further. But I can tell you from personal experience that this same power that has created shit - can create magic.

And all you need is the willingness to move towards that possibility and start choosing.

Try this question: If I wasn't working against myself, what could create that I haven't chosen yet? 


The Gift of Foundation

When I started out on my journey to more consciousness, all I wanted is to be happier, and to be able to have great relationships.

I went into my first Foundation with that simple ask. After 4 days, what I took home was a totally different reality.  

What are you asking to add to your life?

What consciousness would give you more access to you?

What is really true for you?

What you are truly capable of?

What is real and true about you?

What is beautiful about you that you haven't been willing to know? 

Foundation is a 4-day class that opens the door to anything and everything you're asking for. I can't count the number of times I've taken it or facilitated it. Each time widens the space that I have to choose to be what I am:

Spacious, easy, creative, powerful, happy.

I got here and created this incredible living with the strength and capacity of choice that I have. And so can you. 

You are warmly invited to my next Foundation Class

What could it create for you? 


What is next?

  • For more of the Access Consciousness tools, you are welcome to Foundation. 
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  • You can go here for a $15 challenge (3 days) called 'Who does this belong to?'.
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  • For the 'How to become Money Workbook' that will change your financial reality, go here.

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