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🔑  PDF's of notes, clearings, & homeplay
🔑  The latest clearings to move stuck energies
🔑  Relevant self-facilitation strategies
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✨ 8 Audio or Printed Tools for Quick On-the-Go Money Change 

  • Audio: All About Your MoneyShift Speed Change Kit 
  • MoneyShift® Daily Clearing Loop (with the Big 4)
  • MoneyShift® Daily Success Workbook
  • MoneyShift® Gecko Fingers Exercise: For Heavy Moments and Energies
  • MoneyShift® Daily Mantras x 10
  • MoneyShift® Handle Stress & Worry | Create the New Vision Exercise
  • MoneyShift® Audio: A Taste of the How to Become Money Workbook
  • A Telegram group for easy access to the audios and irregular money-change challenges, using your new tools! 
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How to Become Money Mega Clearing Loop 

"What if you were willing to receive unlimited amounts of money?" - Gary Douglas

👋🏻  This 85-minute audio clearing loop & PDF by Christel was curated from a recent 10-week exploration of the How to Become Money Workbook®! 

🔑 Audio clearing loops are designed to be playing in the background of your life. They can be running during your day or while you're sleeping. Barely audible, they require no thinking. They simply work by clearing out the unconsciousness around things you can't seem to change, opening up more space for something new to rush in!

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A Daily Transforming of Your Financial Perspectives

🔑  learn a daily exercise to shift the money energy in your world

🔑 uncover (and clear) where you're trying to get it right

🔑  discover a daily practice to catch yourself in limiting points of view

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A Guide to Honoring Yourself

🔑  learn the importance of viewing life and finances as a long-term journey that you can succeed at.

🔑  gain skills to adapt to changing circumstances, and make future-building choices

🔑  get empowered to stop abusing yourself and prioritize your well-being, demand better for yourself, and make choices that support your growth.

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Unravelling What's Holding You Back & Embracing What's Possible

🔑  learn how to recognize and change self-limiting beliefs and behaviors in the moment

🔑  identify cover-ups to potency, such as fear and avoidance, and uncover the true 'you' hidden beneath them

🔑  start  to get the importance of acknowledging your choices without justifying them, allowing you to access greater freedom and personal power

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Training Yourself to Be an Aware Being

🔑  learn to recognize and embrace your innate awareness, understanding the importance of functioning as an aware being rather than someone who is constantly overwhelmed by problems.

🔑  gain insights into how to recognize barriers and receive all without judgment 

🔑  learn the practical tools and practices to access your true self, empowering you to make better choices in all areas of life, including money, by functioning from your own reality instead of living from someone else's.

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How Your Choices Can Change the World

🔑  observe your choices with money: are they enough for you?

🔑  ask yourself the bigger questions

🔑  look at if you're a 'content' sort of person or if your middle name is 'more'

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A Guide to Recognizing What You’ve Learned, Embracing Abundance, and Including Money

🔑  learn to differentiate between cash and 'being money'

🔑  start to explore what it truly means to live a rich life, recognizing the importance of consciously including money and yourself in your life

🔑  uncover the impact of generosity, gifting, and inclusion, encouraging you to contribute to the world and inviting the world to contribute to you, ultimately empowering you to make better choices and create the life you desire

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A Guide to Recognizing Your Strengths & Navigating Life's Feedback

🔑  learn to trust yourself by recognizing and acknowledging your strengths, being, and the truth of who you are

🔑  explore making choices that put you out into the world, getting the impact of being generous with you and allowing your life to get bigger

🔑  learn about handling feedback and judgment, and receiving the energy in a way that creates a greater life

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Navigating Choices and Creating Your Future

🔑  learn to overcome overwhelm by getting present and recognizing the choices and actions that contribute to your feelings

🔑  examine your own perceptions and misidentifications, gaining awareness of your emotions and choices, and learning how to make demands of yourself to create positive change

🔑 get empowered to have honest conversations with yourself about your future, helping you to identify the choices and actions needed to create the life you desire.

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Choosing Awareness Over Feelings for Personal & Financial Growth

🔑  develop a deeper understanding of awareness and its importance in personal & financial growth & self-discovery

🔑  learn to recognize feelings & their role and how to live without reaction, & the gift that can be

🔑 explore receiving and start opening to the richness of you

$21.00 USD
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A Path to Financial Clarity and Functionality

🔑  start exploring the creation of a sustainable financial future

🔑  discover how to handle and outcreate your own financial "stuff", including when you resist yourself

🔑 learn to differentiate between feelings and reactive needs, allowing you to gain clarity on your emotions and decisions, ultimately leading to a more functional and successful financial journey

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Putting Yourself into the World, Navigating Vulnerability and Growth

🔑  become a continual generator of money 

🔑get clear on your financial targets & get the tools to meet them

🔑 learn the art of marketing yourself, begin developing the willingness and vulnerability required to put yourself out in the world

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A Journey to Total Awareness and Empowerment with Money

🔑  learn to recognize when you're resisting and refusing receiving and what you can choose instead

🔑 gain a deeper understanding of the connection between receiving and awareness, and how embracing both can enhance your overall financial well-being.

🔑 discover how to stop engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors and make choices that lead to a happier, more successful life

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Unleashing Your Business Potential through Creative Questions

🔑  learn how to keep your energy in everything & questions you can ask when you've pulled out and sales/clients are going down

🔑 learn to stimulate your creativity when what you've asked for is showing up in a totally different way

🔑 empower yourself with the cycle of action and practice creativity with what is showing up to generate something new

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Unlocking You from Other People’s Sh*t

🔑  learn to recognize and break free from the cycle of positive judgment and the addiction to validation, enabling you to make choices that work for you

🔑 start to get a deeper sense of receiving, allowing you to embrace pragmatism and make choices based on what truly works

🔑 develop the ability to apply 'infinite being' in a way that creates more money, more life, and more joy, without being influenced by external judgments

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Exploring New Possibilities and Opening to ‘Ease’

🔑  learn to recognize when you're "banging your head against a wall" and explore the recognition and the questions you can ask instead

🔑  develop the ability to ask open-ended questions and consider new possibilities when faced with challenges, creating ease instead of difficulty

🔑 get how you are the source of your own experiences, including financial difficulties, and get tools to break through the limiting beliefs and patterns

$21.00 USD
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The Financial Impact of Cultivating Inner Strength & Willingness to Be

🔑  discover embracing your inner power and becoming willing to be the dominant entity in your life and receiving other's opinions without letting them control you

🔑  learn how your willingness to be you, no matter who has what opinion, can impact your financial abundance and overall well-being

🔑 gain strategies for reclaiming your life from the influence of others and harnessing yourself to create the life you desire

$21.00 USD
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Unlocking the Power of Your Everyday Choices

🔑  tap into the power of deep self-acknowledgment in creating and actualizing your desired future, understanding that progress may not be immediately visible and that patience and persistence are essential.

🔑  explore receiving the fortune of your choices and progress, recognizing that much of your growth may be internal and not easily visible to others.

🔑 learn about the different types of projects and possibilities (low-hanging fruit and winter wheat), helping you identify and prioritize your efforts to make the most of your abilities and create a successful and fulfilling life.

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Exploring the Energies Beyond Powerlessness

🔑  learn how to clear unconsciousness and overcome difficult energies: Discover techniques to address and dissipate unconsciousness that may be causing you to feel nauseous or disconnected.

🔑 empower yourself to create your financial reality: Understand the importance of not letting others' points of view affect your financial decisions and learn how to make choices that match the energy of what you want your life to be

🔑 move  beyond powerlessness and embrace the possibilities: Explore powerlessness, identify its value in your life, and learn how to access untapped energy for the creation of a financial reality that works for you

$21.00 USD
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If You Would Change Money, You Must Learn Allowance In All Things

🔑  embrace allowance as a tool to create a firm platform for your financial life

🔑 practice being money to transform you and how money shows up in your life

🔑 learn to instantly shift your perspective on money-related beliefs and ideas, recognizing them as interesting points of view rather than solid realities that limit your financial growth

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Create Yourself As Power, Instead of Trying to Get Control

🔑  start getting that money is simply energy, and by recognizing this, you can transform your limited point of view about money into an unlimited space and consciousness

🔑 realize that true power is about being a catalyst for change, not controlling or overwhelming others. Embrace your power to create anything you desire in life and be the source

🔑 recognize the difference between rigid plans and flexible systems.  Focus on generating so much money that you need a system to manage it.

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What must you be to create a flow of money?

🔑  learn the 5 elements you must 'be' for money to truly change

🔑 discover true power & creativity: the vision for your life and the work you desire to do that is 100% true to you

🔑 learn to recognize the moment-by-moment thoughts that are creating

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