What if you could do less work and re-pattern your being to have more money, clients & business?


your personal collection of on-demand
guided business & money energy pulls & exercises.

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Open your phone, slip your headphones on, close your eyes, and let me guide you into something easier.


Your personal audio library can include:

  • a dynamic selection of topical energetic exercises that you can use in different moments to re-pattern your being in moments where you might usually choose less
  • a daily energy exercise you can do to access the space of relaxation 
  • an exercise to get out of your head
  • a creation exercise to give you more access to clarity
  • an exercise to use when you're frustrated about what's showing up
  • an exercise for when you're being too hard on yourself
  • every kind of support you've been wishing existed (that now does!)

Such a delicious way to start my day!

Mmmmm, such a delicious way. to start my day with all this relaxation! Thank you! And the ocean and the birds and lizards and all else coming through... such a joyful bonus and contribution. Thank you for the gift of you and this series!! There's a lot more lightness & space in my world.... 

-- Megan, Author & Coach - Washington, USA

A transformation!!

These exercises, even though I pass out halfway through 😂, are gifting me more of what you were expanding on in Practicing Presence: out of control! A transformation. Thank you for putting this out there!! 

-- Filomena, BF - Melbourne, AUS

What is the actual... "work"?

We're taught that 'the work of business' is to master the strategies needed to make sales. All the 'doing'. And yes... But is that it?


When you leave out practicing the energetics, you miss out on 'being'. When doing comes from being, a steady stream of clients and money can show up with ease. 


Instead of days and weeks and even month of struggling to change an energetic space that you know is creating less, you can access and choose 'more' instantaneously.



You are power.

And, your point of view creates reality.
What if you could access and choose the energy, space, and consciousness of a steady flow of money & clients, and the space of relaxation that would allow all of that (and more) to show up?


Pick your favorite chair, open the Kajabi app on your phone, slip your headphones on, and pick the exercise you need.


Close your eyes. Breathe. Lower your barriers.


Open your world. Allow things to shift. For 20 minutes, choose something new. Open your eyes and start creating again. 

All of this is possible because you get:



Thank you!!! Today's pull for the creations ✨✨ boooom

-- Paty, CF - Cuernavaca, MX

I am loving these exercises!!

You are such a beautiful invitation to more and to stepping up. These create so much space in my world. Thank you! What a gift!

-- Mary, CF - Ontario, CA

Are you Ready?

You can be the source of the energy, space and consciousness that allows a steady flow of money and clients to show up with ease. What would change for you if

  • You knew that you had a library of exercises to change any mood, any limiting space, any crunchy moment
  • You had acess to the clearings & questions you would never think to ask yourself
  • You could finally change things fast without being dependent on the next session or class
  • You didn't have to rely on your memory to flip things around for you and start being more
  • You could start your day as a space of total relaxation & creativity

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Hi. I'm Christel.

I started out in this consciousness game very unskilled in the ways of the universe. However, the distillation of what I’ve learned and used myself over the 10 years I’ve been playing with consciousness is that more presence creates more

Clients and money are overflows of being. Being occurs when we are present.  Self-judgment is the most dynamic way we render ourselves non-functional and not-present.

And so, this set of exercises was recorded with you in mind. Every morning, I looked at the energy I knew we would need, now and in the future. 

My hope is that these become lifelines for you when you need them, a daily practice for you when you choose them, and ultimately, a new way of being with yourself and the universe that allows everything you say you want to show up with total ease.

See you on the inside....

Still curious? I got you!

There is so much you may still want to know! Here's some of the commonly asked stuff. 

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