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Welcome toĀ The Awareness Challenge! A part of theĀ Infinite Being School,Ā a free lifetime membership, Ā and a transformative thirty day Access ConsciousnessĀ® exercise that empowers you to become what you've been looking to find! What would it take to have everything you desire show up for you in totality?

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Hey. I'm Christel!


And when I found the Access Consciousness tools, I was a sad-anxious-overthinking-feeling-hot-mess. I had no belief whatsoever that these tools would work: just a willingness to try anything. Access Consciousness® & my willingness to use the tools has transformed my entire body and life. I never in my wildest dreams would have known to ask for consciousness as the key that would unlock everything for me, and I bet you never imagined yourself here, either. I wonder what you know? And I wonder what your willingness and rogue rebel spirit will open up for you?

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* This tool is from Right Riches for You, a book by Gary Douglas.