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Would your business be greater if you added business coaching with me? 

Business is the creation of living.  Receiving from everything is essential for success. When you're willing to choose and choose again, everything is possible. The creators I work with are so relieved as things start to actually work.

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What’s business coaching with Christel like? Paint peelingly fantastic.

Christel has the kindness and effectiveness of a midwife. In a one-to-one she’ll strip away the layers of procrastination and laser in on what is required to get your baby moving.

When nurturing hands are required for you and your business creation, Christel’s that.

When potent mover energy is required to help you power through contractions... Christel is that.

Christel sees the gold in you and your business, no matter how many crusty judgemental layers have been hidden under.

I am so grateful for Christel’s energetically knowing facilitation, her laser sharp ease with the practicalities and technologies required to get my business on point for authentic, profitable and truly flying the way I know it can. Thank you!!

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Hey you, creator.

If you're anything like me, you want the business you know is possible - YESTERDAY.  Or, you're just starting, and you're smart and want all the tips and tricks and shortcuts.

I have been where you are, and am continuing to expand my own empire, and if you're ready to slingshot around whatever has been stopping you and start killing it with your business - reach out.  Book yourself in.

I’ve spent the last 5 years of my business making all the mistakes so that I can pass on the gold. It's time for you to shine, baby!


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