Ep 209: Are you living with money stress you think you can’t change?

Are you living with a degree of money stress you think you can’t change? 😃
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Most of us are.

Here's the problem: what shows up in our life follows our feelings. Our points of view. Our thoughts.

I've been majorly stressed. I lived most of my life with a low level of stress around money. I called it "the low growl". It was just a part of my life. I didn't think I could do much about it and I hadn't put that much attention on how I felt.

It wasn't until my early 40's and being exposed to Access Consciousness tools that I discovered that I could be different.

That, in fact, if I wanted something different with money I *had* to be different. BE different, which would then feel different.

It was backwards for me at first.
But I finally got it: if I wanted money to be different, I had to be different.

It wasn't debt consolidation or hiring a bookkeeper that was first:
>>> Changing my feelings was first. <<<

I'd like to invite you to a $10 5 day money challenge where you use one tool per day to change your feelings about money first.

Get exposed to the possibility of being different now.

Right in the middle of the mess and the not-having-it-together - start creating new energies.
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