Ep 206: Food, money, people.... why do I react so easily?

We all have one. 😅

A Reactive Renée who pops her head up and howls when something gets triggered. Except, some reactions are really obvious and some aren't.

Here are 10 reactive realities that I didn't even know were reactions. 😀
✨ Struggle with money.
✨ Hangry. Needing to eat right.now.
✨ Feeling wrong all the time.
✨ Needing to figure out what you did wrong.
✨ Not putting your stuff in the world "because"
✨ Not wanting to compete "because"
✨ Needing to be right
✨ Overeating.
✨ Shutting down.
✨ Backlog.

Basically, any time we're not being present and just choosing, we're reacting.

So, why do we react so easily? Well, were we shown any other way?

We have tools to change ALL of it now.

Reactive realities are one of the five elements (called The Big 5) that keep us locked up into no-choice. And for the next 3 days, the whole Big 5 shop is on a Cyber Monday sale.

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